Bape is a leading streetwear brand in Malaysia

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Bape is a Japanese streetwear brand that sells branded hats, shoes, hoodies, and everything you need to achieve an effortlessly cool and relaxed look. The brand has a unique and edgy logo that stands out from all its competitors.

Let’s dive into the Bape world and see what the hype is all about.

Bape stands for “Bathing Ape,” making the brand name an unusual acronym. However, the name has another meaning deeply rooted in Japanese culture. Bape refers to a bathing method where if a person sits in hot water for too long, the temperature of the water cools down to a lukewarm.

That point represents a form of overindulgence and laziness. So in a way, Bape points out that the modern youth has become lazy and likes to overindulge in luxurious things. This relaxed and overindulgent youth is Bape’s primary customer. Isn’t that an interesting concept?

The brand started in 1993 when Nigo opened his first store called Nowhere. The streetwear brand maintained a low profile in its early years, and it wasn’t until they collaborated with the Pepsi brand in 2001 that Bape became well known in Japan.

Initially, Bape was popular in Japan only, but Nigo’s friendship with Pharrell Williams introduced the brand to the United States. With Pharrell backing the streetwear brand, it immediately gained traction in the hip-hop scene.

Bape has come a long way since then, and today there is a high demand for their products in the market. Some Bape items sell out very quickly and are hard to keep in stock, and this demand allows the brand to maintain its high pricing.

Now that you know what makes Bape unique let’s find out where you can shop for Bape products in Malaysia.

Bape products in Novelship Online Store

Novelship store is your one-stop shop for buying and selling 100% authentic branded products. You can find top brands such as Bape, Supreme, Nike, Air Jordan, and Fear of God at their store.

Here are some products you can find at Bape store Malaysia.

Squid game X Bape Baby Milo tee (Black)

This Bape T-shirt is from the collaboration collection of Bape with the Korean drama “Squid Game.” The T-shirt features a graphic depicting a scene where Baby Milo is lined up with the management staff of the game.

Bape ABC Camo flower shoulder bag (Multi)

This Bape sling bag is from the spring/ summer collection of 2020. We love the bright and vibrant colors combined with a contemporary pop-art-inspired design. The Bape bag has a long shoulder strap so that you can wear it as a cross-body bag as well.

Bape ABS Nato belt type 1 Bapex Watch (Green)

This Bape watch incorporates a black outer dial while the face is featured in green ABC camo color theme that matches its straps. The ape head logo combined with the BAPEX motif enhances the complete look of this piece.

Bape shark panel cap (Olivedrab/ Yellow)

This Bape cap is from the spring/ summer collection of 2021. It features a cartoon-like design resembling a shark’s mouth on the front. The letters WGM have been embroidered at the back.

Bape neon Tokyo hoodie jacket (Black)

This Bape jacket is from the spring/ summer collection of 2020. We love the bold overall print on this jacket and the beautiful midnight color scheme with subtle neon splashes.

A bathing ape Bape SK8 STA (Orange)

These Bape shoes look like they just came from the candy shop. Featuring beautiful shades of pink, yellow, orange, and red, you are sure to attract a lot of attention with this pair.

Exploring Novelship store

Novelship store is Asia’s leading market where you can trade original and authentic products such as sneakers, apparel, and collectibles. Since each product is verified and carefully scrutinized, you can shop without worrying about counterfeit copies.

The best part about Novelship is that it focuses primarily on local logistics, which means that you don’t have to worry about cross-border hassles such as lengthy delays in delivery or missing orders.

Novelship is one of Atome’s partnered Merchant

Novelship is Atome’s partnered merchant, which means you can buy Bape products from their online store and pay in three parts instead of one. You can divide the total amount of your bill at the Novelship store and pay within three months.

Let’s have a closer look at what Atome is and how their service can make your shopping experience easier.

What is Atome?

Atome is a leading buy now pay later brand in Southeast Asia. Android and iOS users can download this payment app (Get the app), set up an account, and start enjoying the benefits of monthly payments.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Atome has more than 10,000 partnered merchants as part of its network. You can shop different products from their partnered merchants, including fashion, lifestyle, beauty, fitness, and homeware.

You can find out more about their partnered merchants here:

You can divide your total bill and pay one-third of it upfront, and the remaining two payments can be deferred to the following months. Users can avail of this service without any extra service fees or interest charges.

How to pay for purchases at Novelship Store using Atome

  1. Select Atome as your payment method at checkout.
  2. Insert your user credentials and proceed to checkout. New users will be encouraged to create an account to proceed.
  3. Pay 1/3rd of the total amount, and the rest can be paid in the next two months.


Streetwear is a trend that has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It has become a way of life for the young and the ‘it’ crowd. You can also hop on this fashion bandwagon with Bape and its quirky products.

Shop for your Bape favorites now from Novelship’s online store and pay with Atome’s easy payment plans. Shopping is more with Atome!

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