Be Golf Pro – The Secret of Golf Clubs Revealed

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Be Golf Pro is the answer to any golfer’s dreams. From professional golf coaching services to an e-store with over 1,000 products- you can find all the things you need to pursue your passion for golf.

Golf is a thrilling game, but it’s not fast-paced, so if you are someone who enjoys sports for its adrenaline rush, this game might not be for you. Playing golf requires patience and consistency, and people train many years before perfecting their game. Several intimidating elements, such as the assortment of equipment and customs, might overwhelm someone coming in cold.

This article will familiarize you with the sport of golf and how you can step into it with the right equipment. 

A brief introduction to Golf

The game is played at a course where you try to get the ball into 18 holes that one plays consecutively. Some courses can be smaller while others are larger. This sport can be played in a group or individually, and it usually takes around 2 to 5 hours to play a complete round of golf. The dress code is another important element that most golf courses are strict about, so if you’re a newbie, check ahead to ensure you’re appropriately dressed.

The basics of Golf

Here are some basic things you should be aware of:

  • The rules of the game
  • Your swing
  • Golfing equipment
  • Scoring
  • A good course

Game rules

Like any game, golf has many different rules, but if you’re a beginner, you can focus on a few things to ensure you don’t get kicked off the course.

  • You can’t block a player’s shot or disrupt the game in any manner.
  • You can carry 14 golf clubs in your bag in a competitive round. Any extras may be charged penalty strokes for each hole you play.
  • The player most distant from the hole is granted the first stroke. The same order continues until the players reach the putters, where the closest ball goes first.
  • If your ball lands at a spot from where it can’t be played, for example, a bush or under the water, you get the chance to hit another ball from your original spot.
  • You can re-tee the ball if it falls because of uncontrollable issues such as strong winds, but if you whiff and the air causes the ball to drop, you have to play it despite its position.
  • In case of obstructions on the golf course, you can get a free drop and relocate the ball freely.
  • The golf cart is treated like a vehicle and is subject to fines, citations, or a lost license if you break traffic laws.
  • You get a one-stroke penalty if you lose a ball, there’s a water hazard, it goes out of reach, or you intentionally or unintentionally move the ball.
  • A two-stroke penalty is more serious, and you may get this if you play the wrong ball.

How to swing the golf club

While the action may seem intimidating, swinging a golf club right isn’t as difficult as it looks. You can stick to these steps to improve your swing.

  1. Square your feet
  2. Keep your shoulders straight
  3. Grip the golf club correctly
  4. Stand behind the ball
  5. Bend your knees slightly
  6. Focus on the ball and make sure your arms and straight.
  7. Take a swing

What equipment do you need for golf?

The three things essential in a game of golf are a ball, a golf club, and a few holes in the ground. However, more things can be valuable on a golf course.

  • Balls
  • Divot tools
  • Carrying bag
  • Clubs
  • Tees
  • Ball markers
  • Gloves
  • Towel
  • Small pencil

Where can you find a good golf course?

Here are a few popular golf courses that you can visit:

  • Tropicana Golf Club
  • Bukit Jalil Golf Club
  • Kinrara Golf Club
  • Penang Golf Club
  • Royal Perak Golf Club

Do good golf clubs affect your game?

Every golfer asks themselves at some point: Do new or good golf clubs make a difference in my swing and scores? The simple answer is: yes.

It is important to remember that the better the quality of your golf club, the better your game will be. However, experienced players can notice the difference more so than beginners. Also, the more skilled players are, the better they know how to hit each club. 

If you are a regular player, you would know that golf clubs can wear out over time. It’s like replacing the tires on your car- you don’t need to do it every year, but you notice the difference every time you replace them. So, if you see the browning of your wedges or that your irons are developing wear marks, maybe it’s time to upgrade your clubs with a newer and advanced version. 

Golf clubs can be costly, making people wonder whether the high price tag is justified. Usually, expensive golf clubs are made from high-quality materials, which increases the product’s final price. In truth, expensive golf clubs can make a difference depending on the golfer’s skill. If you are just a beginner, it would be best to invest in a reasonably-priced club set first and then upgrade to expensive ones as your game improves.

What are the most important clubs in a golf set?

Although, according to rules, you can carry 14 golf clubs but do professional golfers use them all? Most players swear by three clubs that can make or break your game: the putters, driver, and wedges. 

The putter is designed to make low-speed, short strokes, with the primary goal being to send the ball rolling into the hole from a short distance. 

The driver is designed to drive the ball a long distance towards the hole. It has a long shaft with a massive head to give it speed. The extended shaft and small loft angle allow the driver to provide the most distance accurately.

The wedges are designed for chip shots, short approach shots, pitch shots, and strokes played on sand. This highest-lofted club is perfect for players who need their ball to rise and descend sharply.

Exploring Be Golf Pro Malaysia

Be Golf Pro is a leading platform for the golf industry in Malaysia. It provides professional golf coaching services as well as equipment and gear at affordable prices. In addition, it offers a Free Gold Club Membership Trading Platform where sellers and buyers can trade without the compulsion of commission.

Be Golf Pro launched its business in 2018 at Tropicana Gold Club and has grown into one of Malaysia’s top e-commerce stores. Here are a few product categories you can find in-store.

  • Golf clubs
  • Bags and trolleys
  • Apparel
  • Balls
  • Footwear
  • Gloves
  • Accessories 

If you are looking to perfect your golf game by purchasing a new set of clubs, Be Golf Pro has various options that you can check out. They carry:

  • Drivers
  • Fairway woods
  • Hybrids
  • Iron sets
  • Wedges 
  • Putters
  • Package sets

You can find clubs by top brands such as Odyssey, Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Taylormade, and Titleist. So, whatever your budget and requirements, you will find something for yourself. If you are unsure which ones to buy, you can check out their hot-selling clubs for an easy selection.

Here are a few best-selling clubs at Be Golf Pro shop.

  • Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge
  • Cleveland RTX ZIPCORE Black Satin Wedge – Dynamic Gold Shaft
  • Cleveland RTX ZIPCORE Tour Satin Wedge – Dynamic Gold Shaft
  • Evnroll ER1v Long Plumber TourBlade Putter

Be a Golf Pro is Atome’s partnered merchants

Buying a golf club set can be expensive and end up completely disturbing your monthly budget. However, through Be Golf Pro’s partnership with Atome, you can upgrade your collection without worrying about its total cost. How? With Atome’s flexible monthly payment plans!

How does Atome work?

Atome is a buy-now-pay-later service that allows users to split their bill from any of its partnered merchants into three parts. One part is paid at the time of purchase, while the remaining amount is paid over the following two months. This way, Atome users can buy high-quality branded products while staying within their budget.

Atome is a Singapore-based company that currently operates in 10 markets, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Mainland China. It has over 10,000 partner merchants, allowing users to access various products and services through Atome’s flexible payment plans. 

If you download the Atome app (get the app) now, you get a welcome voucher of RM15 off on your first purchase.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

How to pay at Be Golf Pro with Atome?

  1. Select Atome when checking out of their online store.
  2. Enter your credentials
  3. Pay one part of your Be Golf Pro bill and defer the remaining payment.

Upgrade your golf kit with Be Golf Pro

Be Golf Pro is a one-stop shop for all your golfing needs, and with Atome’s payment plans, shopping was never this easy. Head to their e-store and select the golf clubs you need today!

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