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Cleaning a home is one of the most consuming tasks, especially if it is a big home. These days, with the help of vacuum cleaners, it has become less tiring to clean the house in a quick manner. If you would like to buy the best and the cheapest vacuum cleaner, then ezbuy is recommended to be one of the smartest choices to buy a vacuum cleaner based on your lifestyle needs and budget.

ezbuy is one of the most famous dedicated providers of very professional online shopping services in Malaysia. Based in Singapore, ezbuy was founded in 2010 and quickly rose to become one of the largest overseas shopping platforms. It offers services in Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, Australia, and many other countries and aims to provide service excellence while keeping itself focused on the local demands in developing new services for the consumers. Out of the many products offered by ezbuy, the large variety of its vacuum cleaners are popular among the customers. From the robot vacuum cleaner Malaysia to the new modern cordless vacuum cleaner, you can have too many choices with ezbuy.

What are the various types of vacuum cleaners available at ezbuy?

  • Robot vacuum cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner is among the latest in vacuum technology. This particular vacuum cleaner needs to be charged, and then you may let it wander in the house. There are different brands like Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners available at ezbuy that are considered to be superb in cleaning other areas under the beds and couches.

  • Cylinder vacuum cleaner

As compared to the robot vacuum cleaner Malaysia, a cylinder or a canister vacuum cleaner is great for the hard surfaces or the carpeted areas like the stairs or the car. They have a retractable cord and a suction hose, whereas there is a separate unit for the motor for easy maneuverability, flexibility, and versatility. Therefore, it is great for cleaning the furniture and multi-surface use.

  • Upright vacuum cleaner

This is the best vacuum cleaner Malaysia for any large and carpeted area of a home. There is a motor-driven beater brush to loosen and then remove the dirt through suction. In order to have a versatile use, the majority of upright vacuums have onboard attachments. You will find some designs to be bagless, while others have bags for capturing any dust and debris.

  • Stick vacuum cleaner

This type of vacuum cleaner is the middle ground between the handheld and the upright vacuum. This is one of the best vacuum cleaner Malaysia that is battery powered and light in weight. It offers you the convenience of the handheld but is constructed upright like a traditional vacuum and is, therefore, better for cleaning up any spills. There are some stick vacuum cleaners that come with a dirt cup as compared to the bags for collecting the debris.

  • Handheld vacuum cleaner

This kind of vacuum cleaner is able to clean large areas. Its cordless and portable design makes it best for cleaning even small spaces. It is very easy to use, is superb for cleaning up small spills, and can clean up after pets and children.

What should we consider when buying a vacuum cleaner at ezbuy?

  • Suction power

When you purchase a vacuum cleaner at ezbuy, you need to look at its suction power. The best vacuum cleaner Malaysia must have suction power so that it is able to remove any particles from the surface, like pet hair from the carpets.

  • Design and comfort

Although the design is your personal preference, out of hundreds of different designs, you need to choose the one that comes with an ergonomic handle. This feature makes a vacuum cleaner much more comfortable to handle, especially when there is a lot of ground to cover.

  • Price

Although the robotic vacuum cleaner Malaysia may be on the higher side, it comes with some great features. If you are planning to go for a cheaper option, it may not have AI intelligence of self-charging or mapping the home exactly like the expensive ones. As long as the vacuum cleaner is able to fit your budget and has all the features that you need, then it doesn’t matter whether it is cheap or expensive.

  • Floor and type of surface

There is no doubt that pet dander and hair can be difficult to pick up, especially when they get stuck on the fabric surfaces. You might want to buy the best vacuum cleaner Malaysia with an air-driven or motored turbo nozzle. You need to keep in mind that this kind of vacuum cleaner can have a brush for picking up the fur as well as any hair that is trapped even in the smallest corners.

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