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Wireless headphones have become popular because they are handy, and you do not have to worry about losing them. Apple, Samsung, and other big companies have introduced and modified their wireless earphones over the years. No matter which wireless headphones you are using, you are good to go as long as they have long lasting battery time and high-quality audio results.

How to use wireless earphones?

Wireless earphones are something that anyone can use from a kid to an adult. All you need to do is take out the iPhone wireless earphones from the case and charge it. If you are using it for the first time and it is entirely new, make sure that the battery is full before use. You can check out the lasting time of the battery from the manual that comes with wireless earphones. Now connect the wireless with a device via Bluetooth. Once they are connected, they will connect automatically with the device every time you put them on..

Why are wireless earphones better?

Wireless headphones are better in so many ways. One major benefit is you do not have to worry about losing them. Along with our phones, headphones have become a necessity. You can listen to music on wireless earphones and carry out your work, gym, jogging, or even study. New wireless headphones have water resistant features and can be used during swimming.

Machines: A store for all your Apple accessories

If you look at the background of Machines, it was established in 2006 as one of the biggest resellers of Apple in Malaysia. After getting its license, Machines has expanded its services nationwide and has 38 stores across the country. From iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and other accessories, Machines provide a whole range of Apple products for its customers.

The Best Apple wireless earphones available on Machines

If you look for the best wireless headphones manufactured by Apple, Machines is the right place. Let’s have a look at the best Apple earphones this great retailer offers.

Airpods 2nd Generation Wireless Earphones

Airpods 2nd generation is designed keeping in mind the customer’s comfort. You can enjoy long sessions of music or answer calls with it. It has around 24 hours of listening time. It comes with a super cute tiny charging case. Another fantastic feature is automatic detection. It connects automatically once put on. Just connect it with any Apple device and enjoy the experience.

Beats Studio Wireless over Earphones

Enjoy high quality music without outside noise distraction. If you are looking for a high quality audio experience, then Beats Studio Wireless Earphones is the best choice. It is available in eight colors and is highly recommended for sports and jogging activities. The best thing is the long charging time. A 10 min charge is enough to use the wireless headphones for 22 hours.

Studio ETT Wireless Earbuds

These olive color wireless earbuds are compatible with both Andriod and ios. These lightweight headphones have 30 hours of listening time. It is water-resistant. One drawback is that it does not have a voice assistant. Its wireless charging keeps things even more simple.

Power Pro Totally Wireless Earphone

These Power Pro Totally Wireless Earphones have a high quality sound performance. It has full volume coverage and high audio. Both sides can be played at the same time. Along with water resistance, the charging can last for 24 hours. 5 min charge is enough to use these wireless earphones for more than an hour.

Studio Nio Wireless Earbuds

These are lightweight waterproof wireless earphones available in three colors on Machines. Studio nio wireless earbuds are compatible with both Android and iOS. The best feature is the electronic noise cancellation feature, which many wireless earphones lack. Long lasting battery time makes it highly recommended, which is 20 hours. Also, it comes with one year warranty. For sportspeople, it is pretty compatible.

Buy the best wireless earphones from Machines with Atome

Headquartered in Singapore with over 5,000 partnered merchants and available in 8 markets, Atome offers users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for various products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over 3 interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will better manage their finances while making quality products and services more reachable.


When looking for the best store to shop wireless earphones Malaysia based, Machines is the best option you can go for. It is the biggest Apple reseller across the country, with 38 stores nationwide. From cheap to expensive, all high quality headphones are available. You can choose Atome as a payment mode for a flexible process when checking out. Check out Machines for a detailed description of all Apple products and accessories on their official site. By the way, if you want to buy the best wireless earbuds, Machines will be waiting for you, too!

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