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Coffee is the elixir of life, and there is no denying that. A fragrant cup of coffee brewed to your liking is bound to add good to your mornings. I would go as far as to say that coffee-making is a creative process that requires master precision and a deep-rooted appreciation for the beverage.

Buna Market Malaysia definitely agrees because it has created an online platform centered around this fantastic beverage. It is the perfect way of creating a wholesome community of coffee lovers from all around the world.

Buna Market carries all things coffee from various local and international brands. Here you will find the most premium coffee beans in Malaysia, ground coffee, coffee machines and other equipment, fancy coffee cups, and tumblers, coffee equipment suitable for camping, along with every other coffee product you can conjure.

Read along to discover the best coffee machines that this brand has to offer!

Some of the best coffee machines at Buna Market

Buna Market carries great at-home and commercial coffee machines that are bound to satisfy your coffee cravings. It brings top-of-the-line coffee machines and makers under one roof to simplify the selection process. Be it Zus Coffee or Old Town White Coffee; each tastes magnificent when made using the right machine! 

Have a look at some of the fabulous coffee makers available at Buna Market.


It maintains the brewing temperature within the range of 92℃ to 96℃ so that your coffee doesn’t taste bitter or sour. The accompanying hotplate is able to keep your coffee at 85℃ for 40 minutes while you go around doing morning chores. It stops the brewing process automatically. It is capable of producing 10 cups of coffee in 6 minutes, which is 1.25 liters of heavenly beverage. A 9-hole stainless steel outlet arm efficiently wets the coffee grounds.

Bravilor Bonamat – Junior Coffee Maker

This compact coffee maker is perfect for domestic use. It guarantees an endless supply of delicious coffee without taking up a lot of space and simultaneously elevates the look of your kitchen. Junior might be small, but it is built for optimum coffee extraction. This modern gadget weighs 3 KGs and has a capacity of 1.25 liters. 


Inspired by baristas’ favorite machine, the Linea Mini is a compact version of the Linea Classic. But don’t be mistaken; a smaller size doesn’t equate with subpar performance. This coffee maker comes fitted with all the components that are essential for making an addictive espresso. The Linea Mini is a gorgeous piece of equipment that will add an amazing flair to your kitchen. It is available in beautiful blue, black, and stainless steel. 

Flair Pro 2

If you prefer getting your hands dirty, i.e. making your espresso manually, then the Flair Pro 2 might be it for you. While the futuristic design elevates the look of your kitchen, the high-quality components, such as the custom pressure gauge, yield lip-smacking espresso. The Pro 2 has an improved bottomless portafilter, a detachable stainless steel spout, a silicone handle grip, and better gauge durability. It is guaranteed to provide coffee that rivals commercial setups.

Bonmatic Capsule Machine

Easy to use, efficient, and excellent coffee maker are phrases that perfectly describe the Bonmatic Capsule Machine. It produces gourmet coffee in a matter of minutes, and most importantly, it’s Nespresso Compatible! The detachable water tank and tray and a flip-open lid have been added to ensure that the best cup of coffee reaches you in the least amount of time. 

Factors worth considering when buying a coffee machine

Your coffee type

Perhaps the most significant factor to base your decision on is your coffee preference. Do you start your mornings with an espresso, a latte, an iced coffee, a macchiato, a cappuccino, or an americano? Your coffee maker should be one that delivers the best version of your favorite drink. If your coffee type varies on a daily basis, then consider a multipurpose or a hybrid coffee machine.

How much time do you have?

Are your mornings rushed or unhurried? That decides how much time you have to spare for coffee making. If you’re more often in a rush than not, an automatic machine might be your savior. On the contrary, if you like dedicating your time to brewing the perfect cup every morning, then go for a manual machine.

How much coffee at once?

Different coffee makers produce varying amounts of the drink; some yield a single cup while others make enough to satisfy a big family in one go. The volume of your ideal coffee maker should depend on how many coffee enthusiasts populate your house.

Your budget

A top-quality machine might be on the pricier side, but if you are an avid coffee drinker, it will benefit you for several years to come. Excellent quality equals durability, which is synonymous with less money spent on repairs. A less expensive alternative might break down sooner than you, like depriving you of a great coffee and a few bucks.

Size of the machine

A bout of excitement might make you invest in a sizable coffee machine, but you definitely want to steer clear of that error. No matter how great the coffee is, the brewing process will turn into a hassle when you are out of counter space. Where will the mug go? Why can’t I use the toaster simultaneously? Make sure to buy the right-sized coffee machine.

Different types of coffee

Coffee might be a universally liked drink, but the type varies from person to person. This versatile drink can be enjoyed in all sorts of ways. It comes down to the ingredients and their quantities that set apart one type from another. Coffee making is indeed an art.


It is a coffee concentrate that also is known as Short Black. A shot of espresso is the sole ingredient but don’t be fooled; it takes practice to perfect the drink.


A delicious cup of Americano is made by mixing a single shot of espresso with 3 ounces of water. It is a diluted version of the traditional espresso.

Long Black

A Long Black consists of 2 espresso shots and 3 ounces of water. It is quite similar to an Americano, except it has more crema and a different origin.


This variant of coffee is made using steamed milk that leaves a stain on the surface of the espresso, the phenomenon that gives the drink its name. A Macchiato is made with one shot of espresso and a teaspoon or two of steamed milk. Some people add syrups to this one.


A Breve requires you to add 3 ounces of steamed half-and-half to a shot of espresso. This combination creates a rich cup of coffee.


Probably one of the most popular ways of having coffee. It is made with a shot of espresso, 2 ounces of steamed milk, 2 ounces of foamed milk, and a dusting of chocolate powder. The last ingredient is optional. One can also add flavored syrups to a cup of Cappuccino. 

Flat White

This one mimics a Cappuccino, minus the chocolate powder and foam. It is made with a shot of espresso and 4 ounces of steamed milk. 

Cafe Latte

A Latte is another common coffee variant. It contains more milk than the previous ones and can be customized using syrups and flavorings. To make a Latte, you need a shot of espresso, 8 to 10 ounces of steamed milk, and foam. 


This one is the most comforting coffee drink, in my opinion. It offers the best of both worlds by combining coffee and hot chocolate. 

Atome x Buna Market

The best part about getting your coffee machine at Buna Market is that you don’t have to pay for it at once. Buna Market is amongst the 10000+ brands that have partnered with Atome to make shopping a more pleasurable experience. 

Atome is a cutting-edge application that makes bill payment less of a hassle. When you choose to pay with Atome, your bill is split into three payments that are then paid at scheduled intervals. These payments are interest-free, and there are no hidden charges either. 

To get shopping with Atome, you need to download the application (get it here) and sign up for it. All users are eligible for exclusive deals and discounts at local and international associate brands. 

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Upon your first Atome purchase at Buna Market, a minimum spend of RM5O will get you a discount of RM15. 

How to pay with Atome? 

Here’s a brief run down of how you can use Atome to purchase your favorite coffee machine. 

  1. Add your favorite products to the cart.
  2. When checking out, select Atome to pay for your purchases. 
  3. Sign in to your Atome account. 
  4. Review the payment schedule and make the first payment on the spot.
  5. Your Buna Market products will be dispatched after the initial payment, and the app will automatically charge the remaining two to the linked card.


A cup of coffee plays a vital role in setting the tone for each day, so you owe it to yourself to consume a delicious one. The right coffee beans and equipment are essential to brewing the perfect cup, and Buna Market has a wide selection of both. Register on Atome now and sit down for a pocket-friendly coffee haul from your computer! 

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