Hair treatment Malaysia: look at what Sasa sells for hair treatment

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Hair treatment is easily ignored by people. It’s vital to indulge yourself every now and again, whether it’s indulging in the caramel croissant you took from your diet weeks ago or enjoying a luxury day at the spa. However, when it comes to self-care, a hair treatment isn’t usually at the top of the list. We frequently overlook our hair, which is subjected to heat styling, hair color, and other chemically loaded hair treatment products (allegedly). We may damage our hair in a variety of ways, whether it’s from a daily dip or simply being out in the sun without protection. We have a variety of hair demands, ranging from controlling frizzy hair to volumizing thinning hair, and we’ve tried practically every hair treatment product under the roof to make our hair smooth and lustrous.

Why do I need hair treatment products? Causes of hair damage

Hair loss (alopecia) can be transient or irreversible, and it can affect only your scalp or your entire body. It might be caused by medical disorders, inheritance, hormonal changes, or it can be a typical aspect of aging. Baldness is commonly defined as significant hair loss from the scalp. The most common cause of hair loss is hereditary hair loss as you age. Many people usually prefer to let their hair loss aggravate and learn to live with it. Others may try to obscure it with other cosmetics, haircuts, hats, or scarves. People may even choose one of the various treatments to prevent additional hair loss or to stimulate hair regrowth. Some of the most prevalent causes of hair loss in women are as follows:

  • Hair products and styling.
  • Brushing your hair too much.
  • Heat and a dearth of moisture.
  • Poor diet.
  • Stress.
  • Tightly tying hair.

Discuss the cause of your hair loss and treatment options with your doctor before considering hair loss treatment.

Sasa’s line of hair relaxing treatment and hair treatment products in Malaysia

Let’s look at some of the hair treatment products offered by SaSa Malaysia.

Amino Mason Hair Oil The 2nd Recipe 100ml (Ex-Moist)

Amino Mason Moist Hair Oil is beneficial for preventing heat damage, reducing static electricity, and preventing frizz. Ex-Moist Hair Oil may be used before blow-drying your hair to prevent it from heat damage. It can also be used if you feel your hair is not as controllable and needs some attention.

Flor de Man Henna Hair Coating Essence 120ml

Pure botanical ingredients remove pollutants and excess oil without stinging the scalp. Ceramide components botanical henna extract provides a protective layer to nourish and heal hair silicone smoothes and softens hair. It protects hair from environmental damage and is suitable for colored and chemically treated hair.

Mandom Corp Lucido-L Argan Rich Oil Hair Treatment Oil Rich Moisture 60ml

Moisturizes your hair and gives them a glossy shine that is sure to be the envy of everyone who looks at your perfect hair. It also repairs damaged hair and split hair and provides a profound hair relaxing treatment. It protects your hair from heat damage and also from harmful UV rays.

Amino Mason Milk Cream Treatment The 2nd Recipe Refill 400ml (Moist)

With 18 different types of powerful Amino Acids, the Amino Mason Milk Cream Treatment restores energy in each and every hair strand. It can aid in restoring your hair in a more advanced approach thanks to its upgraded and quality-certified formula.

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Vitalizing Nutrition Hair Pack 35g

It contains eight oriental herbal compounds that have long been recognized to be beneficial to hair, such as ginseng, morus bark, Cnidium, and foxglove, as well as extra fermented oriental herbal ingredients to feed nutrients to hair weakened by different factors. Provides a hair relaxing treatment that adds smoothness to your hair and prevents hair damage from various elements.

More about SaSa Malaysia

SaSa Malaysia is a cosmetics company based in Asia. The SaSa Malaysia outlet group presently operates over 270 outlets around Asia, selling over 700 brands of cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and hair products, including over 180 trademarked names and other global brands. Through the tried-and-true ‘one-stop cosmetics specialty store’ model, SaSa gives its consumers only the highest quality. The SaSa Group employs a large number of people, 4,700 in the Asia Pacific alone. Sasa has grown into Asia’s leading individual seller of high-quality cosmetics goods, owing to its more than 39 years of experience in cosmetics selling and the support of its committed and loyal clientele.

Atome & Sasa

If you’re looking for ways to pay for your purchase from SaSa, we suggest you do it through Atome. SaSa is one of Atome’s partnered merchants and using the Atome app; you can seamlessly break your purchase from SaSa into three interest-free, monthly payments.

The Atome app

Atome is a payment app (download the app) that provides its users with customizable payment arrangements. You may divide your purchase from the SaSa Malaysia shop into three interest-free payments using the Atome application. This way, you can simply manage your budget without having to worry about paying for your purchase right away – you have three months to pay! Atome has its beginnings in Singapore, and its headquarters are also located there. Atome now works with over 5,000 merchants and operates in nine locations throughout the world. More about Atome and its merchants can be found at Paying for your purchase from Sasa using Atome

  • When checking out, select Atome as your preferred payment option.
  • Log in to your Atome account. If you don’t have one, create one.
  • Payment one-third of the total bill. You can pay the rest of the amount in the following months.

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