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When talking about juicing up your iPhone, it is crucial to select the finest iPhone charger adapter that’s fit for the task. To juice up your iPhone, you need the absolute best iPhone adapters that are available in the market.

Things to look for in an original iPhone adapter

It’s common to think that all wall iPhone adapters and USB cords are the same. After all, they have the same appearance and function. Nevertheless, you should consider the build and quality of the cables and wall chargers you choose since they might impair the efficiency of your iPhone’s battery health over time. The modern MagSafe technology in iPhones ensures that your device charges at the standard 15W. Hence, providing lightning-fast wireless charging speeds. The recharging speed is the most important factor to consider when purchasing an iPhone charger. When it comes to quality, both wired and wireless charging differ by a long shot. Most iPhones charge roughly 20W through a cord (using an iPhone power adapter) and 7.5W wirelessly via Qi or MagSafe technology. While selecting a charger for your iPhone, it’s also imperative that you look at the quality of the cable that accompanies the iPhone power adapter. Some charger manufacturing companies provide braided cables that are less prone to the fray over time, while others provide fast-charging wall adapters in smaller sizes.

Identifying an original iPhone adapter and cord in 2022

Using original iPhone adapters and lightning cords is absolutely necessary for a number of reasons. However, this doesn’t mean that the market doesn’t have its fair share of Apple accessories from other companies. Using a counterfeit iPhone power adapter and the lightning cord can have the following consequences for your iPhone.

  • Your iPhone may get damaged, and its battery health may deteriorate.
  • The cable might get damaged easily; hence you’d be replacing it every now and then.
  • The iPhone adapter may heat up.
  • The connector might not fit properly.
  • Your device won’t charge at the same speed as it did with a genuine iPhone charger adapter and lightning cord.

Original Apple lightning cables have the following features:

  • They have an MFi badge on their packaging.
  • They have serial numbers on them.
  • The connector ends are of high quality and aren’t shabby like the ones in counterfeit cables.
  • A uniform USB connection insulator surface and a smooth USB surface finish.
  • A gold plating on USB contacts.
  • Equally spaced interlocks on USB shells and metallic faceplate inserts.

Machines’ range of iPhone charger adapters and more

With all of the above being said, let’s look at Machines’ line of iPhone charger adapters, iPhone earphone adapters, iPhone jack adapters, and more.

USB-C to USB iPhone Adapter

The USB-C to USB Adapter connects iOS devices and numerous normal USB peripherals to a MacBook with a USB-C connection. Just attach your memory stick, camera, or any normal USB device after plugging the USB-C end of the adaptor into the USB-C port on your MacBook. You may also sync and recharge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod via a USB cable.

Lightning to 3.5 mm iPhone Earphone Adapter

This iPhone jack adapter lets you connect devices that make use of a 3.5mm audio plug with your other lightning devices.

Apple 20W USB-C iPhone Power Adapter

The Apple 20W USB-C iPhone Power Adapter charges quickly and efficiently at home, the workplace, or when you’re on the move. While the power adapter is suitable for use with any USB-C-enabled device, Apple advises using it with the iPad Air and iPad Pro for the best charging efficiency. You may also use it with an iPhone 8 or later to benefit from the fast-charging capability.

Apple 5W USB iPhone Power Adapter

This power adapter, with its ultra-compact form, provides rapid, effective charging at home, the office, or when you are on the road. It is compatible with any iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPod model.

Apple World Travel iPhone Adapter Kit

The Apple World Travel Adapter Kit comes with a set of seven AC plugs with prongs that suit various power outlets all around the world, each laser-etched with the locations they are suitable with. This is the ideal package for international travelers who want to assure electricity connectivity in the majority of nations they visit.

About Machines, Malaysia

Machines was founded in 2006 with the goal of becoming Malaysia’s top Apple reseller, and it is currently one of the leading Apple Premium Reseller (APR) in Malaysia, with 38 outlets nationally and expanding. Machines also entered the service market in 2007, obtaining an Apple Authorized Service Provider (ASP) certificate. Machines shop ideas provides a complete line of Apple accessories as well as a significant number of display units for clients to try out. The stores also provide the widest selection of Apple accessories in Malaysia. Furthermore, if you’ve found the iPhone adapter that’s best for your phone while browsing Machines’ website, we suggest you buy it now!

Machines and Atome

Atome is a ‘buy now, pay later’ application that lets you break your purchase from its merchants into three interest-free monthly payments. Atome charges no services fees or interest costs, and you can create an account on Atome in a matter of seconds. Atome operates in nine locations worldwide and has its headquarters in Singapore. Atome helps you better manage your finances by providing flexible payment terms. To break your purchase from a merchant using Atome, all you need to do is scan the QR code or select Atome as your payment option (during checkout), and you’re done. Paying for iPhone adapters (and more) from Machines using Atome

  1. Install the Atome app and create an account.
  2. When you’re checking out at Machines, select Atome as your payment option.
  3. Pay a third of the bill, and pay the balance in the following months.

Juice ‘em up!

With the best iPhone adapters and iPhone earphone adapters from Machines, you can juice up your iPhone and its accessories the right way. So, what are you waiting for? Use the Atome app to pay for your purchase from Machines and juice up those Apple batteries!

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