iTworld Malaysia: How to Fix A Problematic Mac?

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Have you heard of iTworld Malaysia? It’s the number one platform that can help you with all things computers! Who among us hasn’t ended up scratching their head every once in a while, because of our computers and phones? In those moments when a screen hangs up stubbornly, or an app doesn’t work, no matter how often you click your mouse or press various buttons on the keyboard, you cannot help but feel extremely frustrated!

Well, don’t worry; in this article, we’ll help you fix some of those pesky problems that come up time and time again. If you own an Apple Mac, then this article is surely for you!

Common problems faced by MacBook users

When it just won’t fire up!

If you’ve ever faced that situation when you’re left staring at a blank screen instead of your usual wallpaper on your desktop or laptop, we can feel your pain. To overcome this issue, we’ve got a simple solution; try starting up your computer in Safe Mode.

When you boot up your device on Safe Mode, it will shut down all except the necessary drivers and software to start your computer. Safe Mode will also run a background check and fix any issues that are not letting your computer startup. 

To boot up your device on Safe Mode, start your Mac, and press and hold down the shift key. Keep pressing down on the key until the Apple logo appears and disappears, taking you onto the login page. 

It’s all blue

Instead of a blank screen when starting up, if you’re faced with a blue one, it might be because of some app that should automatically start when you fire up your MacBook. The particular app that is causing the hold-up might be incompatible with your macOS. Through a quick process of trial and error, you can find that app and delete it from your device.

To do this, go to ‘Systems and Preference,’ click on ‘users and groups, ‘ and then click on your name on the left side under ‘Current User.’ The next step is to click on the ‘Login items’ tab above the window that will open on the right. Choose an app that you think might be causing the problem and click on the ‘-‘ sign to remove it from the Login items. Restart your Mac to see if removing that particular app fixed the problem – if it did, you’re good to go; if not, head back to the login items list and select another app on the list. Repeat this process until you can restart your device normally.

Battery woes

Battery issues still plague us well into the 21st century. If there’s something wrong with your Mac’s battery, it might cause your device to shut down without warning multiple times while you are using it. Even if the battery is not the issue, and you can see that the device is fully charged, it will still do you well to manually shut down your computer using the start button. 

Once completely shut down, restart your device and load the MacOS. Once you get to this stage, restart your device again. This might sound tedious, but doing this will allow the computer to reboot completely. 

Now that your device is fully loaded, reset the System Management Control (SMC). This is the program on your MacBook that controls all the essential processes. Resetting this might just fix any battery problems you’re having.

Frustrating apps

Apps can create quite the hang-up sometimes. Solution? Activate Force Quit. Use the Apple icon on the upper left corner or press the ‘command-option-escape’ sequence. Highlight the app that’s not responding and press the Force Quit button to shut it down. You can select multiple apps too by holding down the Command or shift key on the keyboard when highlighting the apps.

Poor FaceTime camera images

A common problem in the MacBook Air is the gritty, grainy image quality of the FaceTime camera. The issue might be so severe that you may not be able to use the app at all. Most often than not, this is not a MacBook-related issue; instead, there’s a problem with the FatimeTime program itself. 

To confirm this, you can try using Mac’s camera with other camera-related applications on the device. If those work fine, then there’s nothing wrong with your Mac. In this scenario, all you can do is wait for macOS updates and see if those fix the FaceTime’s program.

Long loading times

You might’ve noticed a beach ball spinning on your MacBook screen from time to time. If this is getting more frequent, it might be because of an app that’s using more of your computer’s CPU and other resources.

You can choose to quit that app by deleting it from the Activities Monitor by highlighting that particular app and clicking the X on the upper-left corner of the screen.

External devices

If you’ve plugged in a device to your Mac and it’s not working, then there might be a problem with the device and not the MacBook. Try plugging your Mac into another device and see if that one works. No luck? Try restarting your Mac and make sure any ports and cables plugged in aren’t damaged.

If doing all this still does not yield any results, then you might need the help of an expert in this field. iTworld has you covered! iTworld’s Apple product services make use of some of the most accomplished professionals in the field of computers who will help you fix your MacBook quickly and efficiently.

If you own a Mac in Malaysia and it’s giving you trouble, head onto the iTworld website and make use of their exceptional services.

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iTworld locations

You can find iTworld stores all over Malaysia. Head to iTworld Starling Mall, G-002, Grd Flr, The Starling, 6, Jln SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Selangor, 47400, or if it’s more convenient for you, visit iTworld Tropicana Gardens Mall, G-16B, G Floor, Tropicana Gardens Mall, No 2, Persiaran Surian, Tropicana Indah, 47810, Petaling Jaya Selangor, Selangor, 47810. An iTworld store is also located in iTworld Kinta City, F46, First Floor, AEON Mall Kinta City, No 2, Jalan Teh Lean Swee, Off Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Utara, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Perak, 31400.

More about Atome?

Headquartered in Singapore, Atome has now expanded its network across 8 markets, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mainland China! We also partner with over 15,000 merchants, both conventional brick-and-mortar stores and online!

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How to use the Atome app at the iTworld store?

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Are you in Malaysia and looking for a one-stop shop for all your electronic needs? Visit iTworld and explore the spectacular selection of products and services that have been made available for you. 

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