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Caring for your body, skin, and hair is an essential part of well-being, and Klinik Hana’s team of highly skilled aesthetic physicians understands that. 

The rise in people’s awareness of the subject has led to an increase in aesthetic clinic visits. However, deciding on the best option still proves to be a challenge. Understandably so, since many of these clinics have been popping up all over Malaysia. 

Well, we are here to put an end to the confusion once and for all. It is time you knew about the wonders of the treatments and procedures offered at Klinik Hana. 

Klinik Hana review 

The team of physicians that you meet at Klinik Hana greatly values listening to your concerns and understanding them. Each consultation is patient-centered so that you feel comfortable expressing your concerns and sharing what you expect. There is no need to be apprehensive prior to your appointment because Klinik Hana has got you. 

The consultation is followed by a detailed discussion on possible treatments and the science behind them. It is vital that you understand each procedure before agreeing to it. 

The best part is that the clinic only uses top-of-the-line equipment and products to remedy every problem that comes its way. So you can be a hundred percent confident when walking in because things will only improve from that point onward. 

Have a look at the treatments available at Klinik Hana:

  1. Face
  • Acne and Scars
  • Contouring 
  • Eye Rejuvenation 
  • Lifting
  1. Skin 
  • Skin Tags / Oil Seeds
  • Pigment and Lightening
  • Wrinkles / Pores
  • Deep Acne Scars
  1. Body
  • Stretch Marks 
  • Weightloss and Contour
  1. Hair
  • Hair Transplant 
  • Laser Hair Removal 
  1. Private Parts

Common skin and hair problems 

There is at least one – if not more – issue that every person is going through, to say the least. It can be anything from signs of aging, wrinkles, acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, hair fall, bald patches, split ends, lackluster hair, and sagging skin. The list goes on. 

How many serums, supplements, and skincare routines have you tried for anti-aging, pigmentation, and pores? Whether your answer is several or none, Klinik Hana is more than ready to take the problem off your hands. But first, let’s have a look at the more common aesthetic issues people face. 


The gradual appearance of fine lines by the corner of your eyes or elsewhere on your face is among the many signs of aging. This is attributed to the decrease in the production of Elastin and Collagen, two vital components that keep our skin tight.

Dull skin

Just like our body requires us to drink water, our skin also needs its share of moisture. Regular use of moisturizers is what locks said moisture in, keeping your skin plump for longer. On the contrary, dehydrated skin loses its radiance and takes on a duller appearance. 

Uneven complexion

Sun damage, inflammation, aging, and other factors can lead to an increase in the production of melanin, the pigment that is responsible for our skin, hair, and eye color. More melanin is synonymous with the appearance of hyperpigmentation on your skin. As a result, your skin tone loses its uniformity, turning patchy.

Enlarged pores

While our skin naturally has pores, there are various factors that make them appear more pronounced, such as clogging, sun exposure, age, and genetics.


Everyone is familiar with this particular skin condition since it starts making an appearance in the early years of your life. There are various forms of it, and each one occurs when hair follicles are clogged by sebum and dead skin cells. 

This does not even cover the tip of the iceberg when it comes to skin problems, but regardless of what issue you are facing, Klinik Hana has the solution.

Services offered by Klinik Hana Malaysia

Skin Tightening & Lifting

The loss of Elastin and Collagen leads to sagging skin. The team at Klinik Hana has come up with three effective procedures to not only repair the existing damage but replenish the inner layers of your skin to prevent recurrence. 

Fotona 4D

A laser is aimed at your skin to penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin and stimulate collagen remodeling. As a result, your skin becomes taut, and there is a visible reduction in wrinkles. 

You can also opt for other alternatives:

  • Non-Surgical Thread Lift
  • Radio Frequency 

Deep Acne Scars 

Rejuran Healer

This effective skin injection heals the wounds left behind by acne while producing anti-inflammatory effects. It boosts your skin’s elasticity, tone, and texture, in addition to making it thicker and more hydrated. 

The other options available are:

  • Submission
  • Chemical Peel

Hair Treatments 

Whether you want to prevent your hair from falling out or you want to get rid of the excess hair on your body, Klinik Hana is the place to go. It offers Laser Hair Removal and Hair transplants. 

Laser Hair Removal 

It is time to say goodbye to painful and time-consuming hair-removing alternatives. You will have smooth, hair-free skin in just a few painless sittings. 

Eye Rejuvenation 

The eyes are one of the significant indicators of one’s age hence the rising demand for procedures that improve the appearance of the periorbital area. The following treatments by Klinik Hana deliver exactly what you demand, brighter, younger eyes! 

Dermal Fillers

The use of FDA-approved gold standard dermal fillers makes most of your skin concerns disappear, including dull skin around your eyes. The highly-qualified and meticulous aesthetic physicians carry out each step with utmost precision for quick positive results. 

You can also go for the Rejuran Healer. 

Make sure to visit Klinik Hana’s website for a more comprehensive look at its services. 

Klinik Hana is near me

Call or visit your nearest center now and book an appointment!

  • Bangi – Jalan Medan

3-37-03 (Level 2), Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 8, Seksyen 9, 43650 Bangi Sentral, Selangor, 43650

  • KL – Melawati Corporate Center

B-2-2, Level 2 Block B, Melawati Corporate Center, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, 53100

  • KL – Plaza Damas 3

C-0-5, Plaza Damas 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, 50480

  • Melaka – Jalan Lagenda 1

No 61-1 Jalan Lagenda 1, Taman Lagenda Putra 75400 Peringgit Melaka, Melaka [Malacca], 75400

  • Putrajaya – IOI Resort City

L-3-08, Connection Commercial, Persiaran IRC 3, IOI Resort City, 62502 Putrajaya, Selangor, 62502

  • Shah Alam – Vista Alam

BG-17, First Floor, Vista Alam, Jalan Ikhtisas, Section 14, Shah Alam, 40000 Selangor, Selangor, 40000

Atome x Klinik Hana 

This fantastic cosmetic clinic not only offers the most authentic solutions it also gives you the freedom to pay for them via Atome

Atome is a cutting-edge payment application that divides your total bill into three smaller payments. These interest-free payments are then paid at intervals that are spaced apart. It is apps like these that make shopping less intimidating and more fun! 

All first-time Atome users are entitled to a discount of RM15 on a minimum spend of RM50 at Klinik Hana and other affiliate brands. Yes, there are over 10,000 local and global brands that allow you to pay with Atome. 

Follow these simple steps to pay for your treatment through Atome:

  1. Download the application (get it here) and create an account. 
  2. When it’s time to pay, open the app and scan Atome’s QR code at the checkout counter. 
  3. Enter the total amount. 
  4. Apply the available discount code, if any. 
  5. Review the payment schedule. 
  6. Make the first payment and get the procedure done. 
  7. The app will automatically charge the remaining two payments to the linked card. 
Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app


Caring for your skin, body, and hair is among the various methods of looking after yourself. It is just as crucial as eating healthy and exercising. If you have been contemplating treatments for your skin or hair problems, then it is time to take action. There is no better place than Klinik Hana. 

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