5 Iconic Levis Jeans styles that you will love

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Where to get the best Levis jeans? Levi Strauss and Co. started with one jeans style: the 501. Over the years, Levi’s has introduced several jeans-style variations and ventured into special collections like ‘Made & Crafted’ and ‘Vintage Clothing.’

A favorite among laborers, miners, and rock stars alike, Levi’s jeans have become a staple in wardrobes, transcending all social classes. Not only does Levi’s manufacture great pair of jeans, but the company also takes its social responsibility very seriously. Sustainability and responsible production are at the heart of the company’s values, and they strive to reduce the negative impact of processes at the design and production level.

Iconic Jeans Styles

Let’s have a look at some of the most iconic jeans styles that make Levi’s a favorite!

501 original fit

This is where it all started. The 501 Originals are straight-leg, non-stretch jeans with a button fly and five pockets. This style offers maximum comfort and is pretty durable, which is why people love it so much. The 501 is the closest you can get to the original Levi Strauss jeans manufactured in 1890 with the iconic ‘two horses’ logo and the lot number ‘501.’

505 regular fit

With various denim washes to choose from, these jeans offer a zip fly along with more thigh room.

511 slim fit

Skinny meets slim in the 511s. These jeans are perfect for people with a thin body figure who want fitted jeans. This cut sits below the waist and has a narrow leg. It gives you room for movement without using stretchy materials.

514 straight fit

This style aims to hit the sweet spot by offering the right fit which isn’t too baggy or too slim. It is popular among people who like the classic look but prefer a slight touch of elastane for a modern feel.

550 relaxed fit

Levi’s has had this style in their line since 1985, and it is arguably their most comfortable pair of jeans, with the extra room throughout the cut. It is designed to offer the most relaxed fit and is looser than the 501s and 505s.

Now that we have covered iconic jeans styles let’s explore the store where you can find Levi’s jeans in Malaysia.

Levi’s Jeans at Fashrevo

Fashrevo is one of the leading online stores for authentic and branded fashion goods, and you can find a wide variety of Levi’s jeans for men and women on their website.

You can explore Levi’s jeans for men here: https://fashrevo.com/collections/jeans

If you are looking for Levi’s jeans for women, you can check out their variety here: https://fashrevo.com/collections/women-jeans

Who wouldn’t love a good pair of jeans, and Levi’s is a brand that is recognized worldwide for its comfortable and durable products. Let’s have a look at what Fashrevo has in store for you.

Levi’s flex 512 slim taper

These jeans are the perfect combination of skinny and tapered. The jeans offer a light stretch that ensures you stay comfortable all day. It has a tailor-inspired cut that allows you to flaunt your favorite pair of shoes.

Levi’s women 721 high-rise skinny in red

We love the 10-inch rise on this pair designed to hold and lift the figure. This flattering style gently wraps around your curves and makes your legs appear longer.

Levi’s 501 ’93 straight cropped W30 stretch

This Levi’s style brings back memories of the early 90s when the original blue jeans took over the skate culture. This vintage and cropped fit are perfect for everyday wear.

Levi’s 541 athletic taper

The Athletic taper works great for people with medium to athletic builds. It sits low on the waist and offers a regular fit through the thigh. This style has a slight stretch that lets you enjoy comfort all day.

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With so many different jeans styles, finding the perfect pair of jeans might require some trial and error, but we assure you the effort will be worth it in the end.

Let the trial and error begin at Fashrevo with Atome’s monthly payments. Shop for your favorites while staying within budget. So, stop waiting and start shopping.

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