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The LILIT. brand in Malaysia designs clothes that ensure one’s modesty in a contemporary and fashionable way. Every person has their own taste and LILIT. wants to give you the space to own what you like! Through the use of high-quality, breathable fabrics in rich colours, LILIT. designs stunning prayer wear and clothes that every woman must have. The brand wants to boost your confidence with trendy and fresh clothes showcasing exceptional craftsmanship.


You can find a LILIT. store in Malaysia at two popular locations; G1-05, Ground Floor 1, KL East Mall, 823, Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2, KL Timur, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 53100 or at LG-8, Lower Ground Floor, IOI City Mall, Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City, 62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia, Putrajaya, 62502.

Product line

LILIT. For women has a stylish collection of prayer wear, mats, dresses and accessories for you to choose from. In this article, we’ll list a few we found particularly appealing.

Ankara One-Piece Prayerwear in Pewter

This unique line of prayer wear comes in many colours; however, the piece in the pewter is cool and calming. The Ankara one-piece is made from a material that is designed primarily to give you the most comfortable and functional prayer wear possible. The cloth is lightweight and ideal for travelling. 

Features of this prayer wear include a stretchable space that will adjust around your face comfortably and puff sleeves that are elastic and nonrestrictive. The ribbed cuffs have a thumbhole to allow you the full range of motion and the garment also has a central zipper for all the mothers who are nursing their newborns. Made from a textured satin material, this prayer wear from LILIT. is one of the finest in the market.

Doha Two-Piece Prayerwear in Dusty Mauve

Designed from a lightly textured satin material, this prayer wear is a two-piece item with a top that includes a right-sided pocket and a skirt that is adjustable in length. When it comes to sizes, you need not worry; the prayer wear can fit up to size 5XL. The cloth this garment is designed from is non-sheer; however, an undergarment or inner under the prayer wear will lend extra coverage. In addition to these features, the Doha two-piece also comes with a pouch!

Asmera One-Piece Textured Prayerwear in Cream

In popular demand, the Asmera one-piece can also be worn as a hoodie if you choose. Just unzip the one-piece, and you’ll have a hoodie and a prayer wear all to yourself. This garment also comes with a pouch bag and a stretchable face opening. Available in a number of subtle as well as bold colours, the cream one is our personal favourite.

Doha One-Piece Prayerwear in Plum

Buy this prayer wear to get comfortable, soft clothing for your everyday needs. The front hem in this unique piece can be folded inside at the front. The vibrant plum colour is a subtle upgrade on the colours you would typically wear.

Fuji 2.0 Georgette Chiffon Hijab in Sashimi

This line of hijabs by LILIT. is made from handpicked novel fabrics that are lightweight yet will cover every part of your hair in any style of your choosing. Each colour chosen in this line of hijabs is inspired by a specific city around the world, so there’s always that element of connection to a special place when you wear a hijab from this unique line. 

The creative brains behind LILIT. know how much of a hassle it is to iron your hijab every day. Therefore, the company has specialized in producing hijabs that don’t require much ironing every day.

Nikaia Magnetic Triangle Chiffon Hijab in Taupe

Another hijab is made from a material that will give you much relief. You won’t have to iron this one either! Textured chiffon will keep you cool and comfortable in the most fashionable way. This one is a partial instant triangle hijab with magnets on the opening around the fact that you can adjust for maximum personalization.

California Tube Inner Hijab In Toffee

You’ll receive this package in a LILIT. zip bag. Made of a breathable cotton Lycra material, this hijab is as stylish and chic as they come. Available in 12 colours, try something fun with the unique toffee colour.

As the name suggests, this scarf is inspired by the beautiful city of California. Vibrant and unapologetic, the city is for anyone who wants a fresh experience and perspective in life!

Printed Fitted Pencil Skirt in Lavender

Looking for a skirt? LILIT. Has just what you need. This beautiful skirt in lavender will blow you away. Fully lined and made of a non-sheer, cotton-poly mixed material, the dress boasts a tapered cutting silhouette that will accentuate the shape of your legs. Pleated details at the centre back add an element of fun. LILIT. Prioritizes your comfort the most; therefore, the back waistband is designed in a way that it will stretch and adjust to your form. But this gorgeous skirt from LILIT. today!

LILIT and Atome

Shopper, we even have a surprise for you that will make shopping at LILIT. all the more pleasurable. The brand now partners with Atome, a shopping brand that’s here to revolutionize the Malaysian market forever with its unique offers. Shop at any of our partnered brands and turn all your goals into your reality. 

More about Atome

Atome is a highly engaging shopping brand headquartered in Singapore. Currently, we partner with brands that sell their merchandise across 10 popular markets in Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and mainland China. Atome has over 10,000 merchants partnering with the brand. Our well-executed app lets you make an account without any tricks or any additional conditions, hidden charges, or interest fees!

Atome lets you split your bill into 3 reasonable sets, and our app users will also be able to avail of a unique and beneficial offer. For Atome MY first users: First order up to RM15 off!

How to get the most at LILIT with Atome

Atome’s novel services allow shoppers anywhere in the world to purchase their chosen item at an unbelievable price! To use our app for your purchases at LILIT., all you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

  • Use Atome as your payment method at checkout when buying from MY LILIT.’s online store, or simply scan the in-store QR code.
  • Make your brand new Atome account or log in to your existing Atome account.
  • Choose to pay in three payments, with part of the bill due right away.
Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Dressing styles and what you choose to wear are always about you. At LILIT. You can choose whichever style you like from a wide variety of options while also keeping your modesty intact. Find the most attractive dresses in subtle and fresh colours and the most comfortable hijabs and prayer wear for your daily routine.

Concerned about the cost? Let Atome handle everything once you choose to shop with us. Our highly convenient offer will let you use LILIT. services by paying for only one-third of the total amount due at the time of checkout. This way, you can shop for as many hijabs, clothes and prayer mats as you want!

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