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When it is about the home essentials, a comfortable bed sheet is always the top priority. A good night’s sleep is important to become a healthy and productive person, and a bedsheet is something that is used every night. Therefore, if a fitted sheet set can help with your tossing and turning habit, then it is not bad to go for some decent options.

Gaias Concept Store is a Malaysian brand popular for its luxurious and top-quality bedding products. The company is famous for its sheets, pillows, mattresses, curtains, quilts, and many other products, whereas their fitted bed sheets are made with the best materials, advanced technologies, and cutting-edge processes.

What is a fitted sheet?

Many people may not be aware of the fitted sheet meaning, which is also known as a bottom sheet and can be recognized by the four elastic corners that hug the mattress perimeter. You will be able to find the best-fitted sheet at Gaias Concept Store, and it will truly be a protective barrier for your mattress. With the soft surface of the fitted bed sheets, you will get an added comfort layer each night.

There are a number of advantages of using a fitted sheet, whether it is the single bed fitted sheet or the double one. It is easy to clean, the mattress life gets extended, and you get an improved comfort through a soft surface. When we talk about flat sheets vs fitted sheets, there are some who prefer a flat sheet, and for them, a fitted sheet may not be a necessity if they are comfortable with flat sheet swaps. On the other hand, the fitted sheets offer a slip-resistant option for mattress protection.

What makes Gaias Home stand out from the competition?

  • The fitted bed sheets come with a 300 thread-count

All of the fitted sheets offered by Gaias come with a lavish 300 thread count that uses a single-ply yarn. This is the main reason they can create sumptuously soft, pleasantly light, and long-lasting bed sheets that are very suitable to use throughout the year.

  • A good variety of colors to choose from

The Gaias Home bed sheets are available for the customers with a bolster case, a fitted sheet, and pillowcases in different minimalist colors. These colors include greige, pearl white, shore, natural, puce, etc. It is also possible for the Gaias customers to purchase quilt covers in the same palette that is capable of matching the bed sheet set.

  • Available in various sizes

There is an option of free size customization offered by Gaias Concept Store, and its bed sheets come in different sizes, which include Super King, King, Queen, Super Single, as well as Single bed fitted sheet. The set can be completely customized to fit the size of the bed, and every time you purchase the bed sheets, you will surely get a perfect dimension.

A few things to consider before you buy a fitted sheet in Malaysia

  • The fiber material

Several people may not completely know the fitted sheet meaning, but if they are looking for quality and comfort in their fitted sheets, it is better to choose cotton as a material. It is worth mentioning that a fitted sheet that offers Egyptian cotton is more durable or soft but is available at a higher price.

  • The pocket depth

The pocket depth of your sheet is another thing that you need to look out for because if you have the same size mattress, it never guarantees that the sheets will be fitting perfectly. When you plan to buy sheets, it is important to make sure that they can accommodate the thickness or height of the mattress. For instance, if your mattress is around 40 cm in thickness, then you need to keep in mind that the sheets must have a pocket depth of 45 cm.

  • The type of sheet

A fitted sheet normally comes with elastic bands on the corners so that they can have a snug fit on the mattress. Therefore, they are a lot easier to put on the bed. For the flat sheet vs fitted sheet, a flat sheet doesn’t come with elastic bands and can be a little less convenient to put on the mattress.

Use Atome to buy your favorite fitted sheet at Gaias

There is no doubt that a high-quality bed sheet can play a very big role in helping you sleep soundly. This is the reason why Gaisas Concept Store has spent so many years making a perfect curated range of high-class bedding essentials (Know more). Whether it is a single bed fitted sheet or a double bed fitted sheet, the long-signature cotton is their signature sheet, while the superfine threads are the ones that people enjoy at resorts and high-end hotels.

If you want to buy your favorite fitted sheet at Gaias, you can use Atome, which is the best buy now pay later service in Malaysia. Atome is headquartered in Singapore and offers its services in 8 different markets. It has partnered with more than 5,000 merchants and allows its users the convenience of paying flexibly for various products and services.

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