Novelship: 100% authentic Yeezys in Malaysia

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An ingenious brand, Novelship, brings to you a collection of streetwear, sneakers, and collectibles from prestigious brands from across the world. Take your pick from stunning limited-edition Yeezys, Supreme products, sneakers, Bearbrick, Bape, and Air Jordans. 

You can be sure that any product you buy will be completely authentic. In fact, this is one of the brand goals of Novelship. With the aim to become Asia’s largest online marketplace, this brand is fast becoming the go-to store for the best Yeezys in Malaysia.

Products line at Novelship

The store has a massive collection of extraordinarily refined and vogue products. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best-sellers at Novelship. Visit the website for more information.

Adidas Yeezys

The Adidas brand – a world-renowned store beloved by many for some of the most powerful footwear – also releases its Yeezy line. Let’s look at some of them now!

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2′ Beluga Reflective’

Designed by one of the most popular and highly respected singers, Kanye West, these shoes are a fun and stylish alternative to your regular bland footwear. With a Primeknit upper and a Boost midsole, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 comes in an attractive grey color. Available in an assortment of combinations such as Solar Red, Beluga Reflective, and steeple grey, you can buy your favorite from the store today!

Adidas Yeezy Slides’ Pure’

Looking for comfortable slides for a casual evening? These slides are for you! This is what celebrities wear these days. Nicknamed ‘Pure,’ these Yeezys highlight the pure simplicity of a beautiful and efficient product. A classic, effortless item that radiates luxury and sophistication without overdoing it.

Adidas Yeezy boost ‘700 Enflame Amber’ 

The Yeezy 700 is truly a steal! Released just last year, these shoes are incredibly comfortable and extremely powerful. You can be sure they won’t be wearing out too soon. You can easily use them every day, for a casual gathering of friends or a workplace meeting; these shoes in tan are a game-changer when it comes to the most sought-after footwear on the market. Pair these with a cool outfit, and your overall look will be instantly upgraded.

Adidas Yeezy 500 High ‘Mist Stone’

A suede upper and Adiprene midsole are the novel features of these shoes. The Yeezy 500 is ultrasoft, very comfortable to wear, and breathable. Designed and crafted by those who know what fashion is, this vogue footwear will soon become your most cherished companion. Nothing tops a subtle gray color, and the Yeezy 500 looks stunning in gray.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Oreo’

With the nickname ‘Oreo,’ channeling the popularity of the famous cookies brand, these shoes are an absolute must-have! The exterior looks like the cookie cream sandwiched between two biscuits in signature white and black. A Primeknit upper and a Boost midsole give these shoes that extra electrical energy.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2′ Mono clay.’

A unique orange clay color elevates this Yeezy 350 to stardom. Pair these with a head-to-toe white outfit or a black sequined jacket; it will shine and set you apart from the crowd no matter what you wear.

Beware the curse of the fake Yeezys.

You read that right. These days Yeezys are so popular that many brands have popped up, creating knockoffs and cheap versions for an extra buck. If you want the quality of your shoes to be perfect, you’ll learn how to spot these fake shoes from a mile off. Here are some tips!


The first thing you see on any product is the brand logo. Make sure to scrutinize the logo on your Adidas Yeezy. Companies making fake ones will often not invest in the quality of the logo, so it will look poorly designed, misplaced, too large, or even misspelled.

Check the heel tab

Make sure to check the knit pattern of the heel tap of your Yeezys before you purchase them. Fake Yeezys will usually have a loosely knit pattern that does not go with other parts of the shoe. Additionally, it may also be placed too close to the lining of the shoe.

Inspect the insole 

Making quality insoles is an expensive process; therefore, those making fake Yeezys will try to sell you cheaply designed insoles. Remember, insoles should be mirror images of each other. If your Yeezy doesn’t have this quality, it’s fake!


Examine the 3 stripes in the heel area. It might seem tedious, but it’s definitely worth the effort. An authentic Yeezy will have thick stripes that feel thick when you touch them, whereas a fake Yeezy will not have this detail, and the stripes will feel like it’s made of poor quality material, which it usually is. 

Examine the phrase ‘Made in China.’

Finding this phrase on a Yeezy doesn’t mean it’s fake; however, look closely at how it is worded. Copycats selling cheap products will often give out extra information or make it a lot wordier than it needs to be. 

Notice the outsole

Those making replica Yeezys have put in much effort trying to perfect this part; however, if you have a keen eye, you’ll be able to spot the difference. In a real pair, the outsole boost will be rough, bumpy, and glossy looking, whereas, in a fake one, it will be flat and small. The window will also appear larger in a replica than in a real Yeezy. 

Novelship and Atome

Readers, you’ve made it this far. Now we just have one last but in no way least bit of information to give you before you make your way to the Noveship store. The company now partners with Atome, a shopping brand that is revolutionizing the way people shop as we speak.

You can even use our app at Novelship to get a special reward! For Atome MY first users: first orders up to RM15 off! 

More about Atome?

Headquartered in Singapore, Atome (click here to visit the website) has now expanded its lucrative business across 8 markets, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mainland China! 

The Atome app (download the app) operates without any hidden charges and is completely free to download. After you have selected your new set of Yeezys at Novelship, select Atome as the payment method of choice at checkout. The app lets you split your total payable amount into three interest-free payments. 

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

How to use the Atome app at the Novelship store?

Use our app when buying from the Novelship online store in Malaysia. All you need to do is follow three simple steps listed below:

  • Use Atome as your payment method at checkout when shopping at Novelship.
  • Make your brand new Atome account or log in to your existing Atome account.
  • Choose to pay in three payments within 30 days intervals, with one-third of the total amount due at the time of purchase.

Yeezys are statement footwear of the modern world. Buy your own pair at the Novelship store in Malaysia today. Beware of the copycats out there! We’re that with the tips we’ve given you, you’ll be able to spot them without any difficulty.

What are you waiting for? Shop at Novelship today!

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