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Established in 2010, Pestle and Mortar clothing is more than just an apparel brand. It’s a representation of the lifestyle and culture of Malaysia through the eyes of its people. Known for their youthful sensibilities and streetwear, what sets them apart is the stories they tell. The first thing people notice about the brand’s aesthetics is how beautifully Malaysian they are. Since the founders didn’t come from a fashion or retail background, they used photos of instantly recognizable things for their clothing. This included the Mamak Indomie on an orange plate with a nasi lemak or a telur mata.

The target audience of this streetwear label is relatively young- around ages 20 and 30, but the brand has managed to keep its momentum through the years. From silhouettes colors to materials, trends are constantly changing and evolving, and Pestle and Mortar understand the importance of staying relevant to its audience. The team at Pestle Mortar clothing is young and energetic and is always on top of emerging fashion trends. People enjoy their clothing because it is trendy and has a story to tell that fills them with nostalgia and heritage.

Pestle Mortar Clothing and Hundred% stores

Hundred% stores are a one-stop shop for all your fashion apparel needs. You can find over 24 top brands along with hundreds of exciting products to choose from. Hundred% stores even have a large variety of products from your favorite brand, Pestle, and Mortar. Pestle and Mortar is a Malaysian streetwear brand that expresses the carefree mindset of Gen Z. You can find cool and relaxed tees that not only look great but feel great too! You can shop from Hundred% stores and choose between various designs. Have a look at some creative Pestle Mortar clothing products that you can explore in-store.

  • Bugs Stats Tee (Black)

This shirt is made in collaboration with Looney Tunes and is a part of their newly launched Space Jam: A New Legacy collection. All pieces from this collection tell the story of how the founders felt watching Space Jam as kids. The collection is PMC’s way of infusing the story everyone loved as kids to the new basketball squad with LeBron James. This T-shirt features the iconic cartoon character Bugs Bunny and his stats on a graphic printed shirt. Made from 100% cotton, the shirt offers a regular fit.

  • Starters Tee (Grey)

This shirt is also from the Space Jam collaboration. It features the dream team that looks ready to take on any team for the ultimate victory. The front and back graphic tee is made from 100% cotton and has a regular fit. While the shirt is a neutral grey color, the print has just the right amount of color to make the picture pop and take canter-stage.

  • Tune squad Jersey (Blue)

Another shirt from the Space Jam collection that has vibrant contrasting colors of blue and orange. The shirt has an all-over digital print and is a perfect representation of the ‘Tune Squad.’

Hundred % is a complete lifestyle store

Hundred% was established in 2010 and is currently operates through four major stores across Kuala Lumpur and Johor. The company focuses on empowering individuals and communities and building a platform where consumers can connect with creators. The stores offer a variety of high-quality products ranging from modern apparel to footwear and fashion accessories to its customers. They have over 24 top brands, including Pestle and Mortar, TNTCO, Vans, Carhartt, TNTCO, Under Armour, HUF, Against Lab, and many more. Hundred% stores offer products in various fashion categories, including:

  • Bags
  • Socks
  • Caps
  • Jewelry
  • Phone accessories
  • Homeware
  • Footwear
  • Magazines
  • Jackets & coats
  • Tees and shirts
  • Vests and jerseys
  • Hoodies
  • Sweatshirts
  • Bottoms including pants and shorts

Hundred% and Atome

Hundred% stores are Atome’s partnered merchants, which means if you are an Atome user, you can shop from Hundred% stores and pay for your purchase using the app. Through a flexible payment plan, Atome users can shop from any of its partnered merchants and pay for their purchase within three months instead of paying the full amount upfront.

How Atome works?

Atome has a vast network of over 5000 merchants that offer various products and services. It’s a payment app (get the app) that allows Android and iOS users to divide their bill from any of Atome’s listed merchants into three parts. With Atome, users have access to high-quality products and services without having to worry about paying the total amount of the purchase immediately. What’s even better is that this payment plan doesn’t have any service fees or interest charges. To start shopping through Atome’s payment plans, install the app on your phone and register yourself. Once you are a verified Atome user, you can pay only one-third of the total amount of your purchase as opposed to paying the complete amount. The remaining part of your bill can be completed in the following two months. Once you have downloaded the Atome app on your phone, you can scan Atome’s QR code for any in-store purchases or shop from a merchant’s website and select Atome as your payment option.

Paying for Pestle and Mortar clothing using Atome at Hundred% stores

  1. Scan the QR code from your Atome app when checking out from the store.
  2. Pay 1/3rd of your total bill, and the remaining parts can be paid in the following two months.

Pestle Mortar Clothing is a true Malaysian apparel brand!

Streetwear is a greatly popular fashion trend that is here to stay. Pestle Mortar clothing is the perfect choice if you are looking for relaxed, casual wear that has a unique story to tell. You can shop for your favorite from their collection at Hundred% stores and pay with Atome’s flexible payment plans.

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