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PRYSM is a PETRONAS lifestyle brand that focuses on bringing consumers authentic and visually appealing PETRONAS products. Not only is their merchandise a visual treat for motor racing fans, but it’s also in line with the latest trends in fashion.

Nothing compares to the thrill of live-action sports racing, which is why millions of people around the globe love following this sport. One of the major pulls of racing is the excitement of speed. Whether you follow Nascar Racing, Formula One, Indy Car, or even Go Karting- they all have one thing in common: adrenaline-pumping speed.

Another factor contributing to the fame motorsports have amassed over the years is the slick and high-performing vehicles that come as part of the deal. Sport racing cars require special driving skills that everyone doesn’t possess, which adds to the charm and appeal of sports car drivers.

Like any other sport, Motorsports gives its fans a sense of belonging and unity, making them feel as if they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. For most people, it goes beyond the scope of a hobby and becomes their passion. 

PETRONAS merchandise mimics the motorsports racing style and offers a wide variety of designs and products suitable for every occasion. What makes this an exciting buy is the fact that each product is made with creativity and passion, and you can see that in their collections. The brand strongly believes that motor racing merchandise should be affordable enough for fans to indulge in wholeheartedly. 

All the products you purchase through PRYSM come with an official PETRONAS warranty, so you don’t need to worry about fake and counterfeit merchandise.

PRYSM product categories

PRYSM has an online store that customers can shop from, and here are the product categories you can find there.

  • Accessories
  • Bags
  • Collar apparel
  • Face masks
  • Head gears
  • Jerseys
  • PETRONAS Twin Towers gift shop

Let’s check out what each category entails.


We know exactly how exciting it can be to own your favorite motorsports merchandise and PRYSM has everything you can dream of. You can check out these products online.

  • Eyewear
  • Stationery set
  • Stainless steel multicolor mug
  • Apron
  • Tumbler
  • Red smoke umbrella
  • Stainless steel tumbler
  • Tie-dye umbrella
  • Pop-up calendar and notebook
  • Tie-dye phone case
  • Chinese new year card holder


A bag is an essential accessory that is hard to live without. Whether you want one to carry your school books or your laptop or take it with you to the gym, this multipurpose accessory can be used in different situations. Here are the products you can find at PRYSM’s online store.

  • Denim carrier tote bag
  • Passion wristlet bag
  • Utility sling bag
  • Multi carry backpack
  • Take away the duffle bag
  • Tie-dye sling bag
  • Flex duffle bag
  • Passion wristlet bag

What’s great about PRYSM bags is their appealing color scheme and creative designs. Their bags are highly functional with great attention to detail, with different compartments and zipped closures.


Nothing beats the feeling of wearing a high-quality PETRONAS shirt representing your favorite sport. You can find polos, shirts, and jackets that feel and look great in this category. The different products you can expect to find online include:

  • MotoGP 2019 official team polo
  • PETRONAS swift polo
  • PETRONAS racing pit shirt
  • MotoGP 2020 official team polo
  • Lacoste polo
  • 7th World Constructors’ Championship shirt
  • Mercedes AMG PETRONAS 2021 women team polo
  • MotoGP 2021 Rossi team polo

Available in various colors and seven comfortable sizes, there is something for every motorsports fan in the apparel category.


We all love the comfortable and relaxed feeling of a jersey, and when you combine that with a motorsports color palette that you admire, that feels like hitting the jackpot. You can find eight different sizes of jerseys if you browse PRYSM’s online collection, which means no matter your body size, you will find a jersey that fits perfectly.

Have a look at what you can find on PRYMS’s website.

  • MotoGP Thunder premium jersey
  • MotoGP speedline jersey
  • PETRONAS black champ jersey
  • PETRONAS Rise Again jersey
  • PETRONAS razor cycling jersey
  • MotoGP rider suit jersey
  • MotoGP 2021 Rossi Iconic jersey

PRYSM is one of Atome’s partnered merchants

PRYSM has partnered with Atome, a payment app, to transform and simplify consumers’ shopping experiences. Atome has over 10,000 partnered merchants, and PRYSM is one of them. This means that as a motorsports fan, you can take your passion to the next level with PETRONAS merchandise without worrying about significant upfront payments.

Does the idea of owning your favorite sports merchandise excite you? Read on to find out more about Atome and its payment plans that can help make your fan dreams a reality.

What is Atome?

Atome is a buy-now-pay-later app that is backed by AI technology. It allows its users to shop from any online or physical store and split their bill into 3 parts instead of paying it all at the same time. Since more than 10,000 merchants are working alongside Atome’s payment app, your options are practically endless.

The brand empowers digital-savvy consumers to own high-quality, premium products over time. It has famous brands like Sephora, OSIM, Agoda, Fresh, Shein, Hush Puppies, Converse, etc., in its list of partnered merchants, ensuring a rich shopping experience for its users. 

Atome is a Singapore-based company that started operating in December 2019 and has since then grown into a leading BNPL company in Malaysia. It not only benefits users but also enables SMEs to improve their cash flow and online sales growth. Since the option of paying for purchases later is enticing for customers, it directly affects their average ticket order size. Retailers in Malaysia have reported an average 17% increase in the former after adding Atome as a payment checkout option.

If you are wondering if you can also become an Atome user, the process is pretty straightforward. Download the app (get the app) and register a new account with your details. After an initial screening, your account will be approved (the process only takes a few minutes). You are then ready to shop whatever you want with Atome’s flexible payment options.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

As a bonus, you can get up to RM15 off on your next purchase if you download the Atome app now.

How to pay using Atome?

  1. Select Atome as your payment partner when checking out of PRYSM’s online store.
  2. Enter your user details and continue the process.
  3. Pay one part of your total bill and defer the remaining payment to the subsequent months.

Final word

Motorsports Malaysia is a trend that keeps gaining traction with each year. Whether you enjoy watching race cars or want to own one through D1 motorsports, adding motorsports merchandise to your lifestyle is never a bad idea. PRYSM is an authentic PETRONAS merchandise store that you can count on for premium quality and appealing designs across its products.

You can purchase your favorite merchandise from PRYSM using Atome’s easy payment plans that allow you to own the things you want without worrying about disturbing your monthly budget. So, stop thinking and start buying with Atome!

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