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If your morning isn’t good until you have had a tall drink off the Starbucks menu, then you have landed in the right place!

Starbucks has been ruling the global coffee scene for years now, and rightfully so. From its scrumptious coffee blends to lip-smacking savory items, everything is irresistible!

Whether your go-to coffee order is classic or complicated – 3 pumps of caramel, 5 pumps of hazelnut, double blended – no coffeehouse does it better than this one. Starbucks drinks are the perfect pick-me-up on a bad day and a fabulous treat on a good one! 

Into the world of Starbucks 

Despite its exponential growth, humility remains one of the core values of this renowned brand. It aims to make the world a better place, one cup of coffee at a time! 

It all started from a quaint little cafe in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, which was established in 1971. The then-Starbucks sold whole bean coffee, ground coffee, tea, and spices sourced from different places. 

If you’re wondering how a small-scale coffee business turned into an international sensation, then keep reading. 

Ten years later, a man named Howard Schultz walked into the cafe as a customer, had a cup of Sumatra, and left inspired. A year later, in 1982, he joined Starbucks. 

A year later, Howard had the opportunity to visit Italy, and the coffee bars there had him mesmerized. He made it his mission to mimic the same aesthetic in the United States, to create a coffeehouse that would help people unwind. 

With the bigger picture in mind, Howard quit his position at Starbucks and ventured out on his own, establishing a different separate cafe. Finally, in 1987 he returned to purchase Starbucks with the assistance of local investors.

This was a fresh beginning for the coffee hub; since then, it has been all about celebrating coffee and establishing a wholesome community. 

Today, it not only provides customers with freshly brewed coffee drinks but other products and services as well. The store also offers savory items, a wide range of coffee beans and micro-ground coffee, and unique merchandise. 

Starbucks in Malaysia

It was in 1998 when this esteemed brand established its very first store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Today, Starbucks has 320 stores supplying coffee to Malaysians all over the country. These include 58 Drive-Thrus and 10 Reserve™ stores. Malaysia is also the first country to host a Starbucks Signing Store situated in Bangsar Village II. 

On an international scale, the brand is serving loyal customers in 78 countries out of 30,000+ stores. It currently employs over 350,000 people.

Starbucks Malaysia Summer Menu

The Malaysian chapter of Starbucks has a refreshing new coffee menu to help you get through this Summer! 

Strawberry Raspberry Cheesecake Latte

This decadent drink will have you coming back, day after day! This heavenly beverage is prepared with an espresso base, a rich cheesecake sauce, and a mixed berry sauce that is sweet and tart. That’s not all; a white chocolate topping is used to tie it all together. You can get it cold or hot. 

Strawberry Raspberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

Satisfy your cheesecake cravings with this heavenly drink, bursting with fruity flavors. The drink is a luxurious blend of cream cheese sauce and sweet berry sauce, with either a milk base or a coffee base. It is served over a base of crushed buttery biscuits with whipped cream and white chocolate shavings for toppings. 

Honey Ruby Grapefruit Cold Brew

Recharge in the middle of a hot day with the latest version of Starbucks’s classic Cold Brew. It is a mix of zesty lemonade and golden honey, topped with pieces of fresh grapefruit. If the word refreshing were a drink, it would be this one. 

Salted Cream Cold Brew

Counter the heat with this bittersweet treat! The smooth Cold Brew is combined with a caramel sauce followed by a yummy topping of vanilla sweet cream cold foam. A sprinkle of salt is added to bring out the flavors. Chilled and light, the perfect recipe to cool down on a scorching afternoon! 

Starbucks near me

While it will be impossible to list all 320 Malaysian stores that the brand has, here’s a list of those providing 24-hour service. 

  • Genting 1

Level T1, Lot F/L 1.4, First World Hotel,

Genting Highlands Resort,

Pahang 69000

  • Genting 3

Lot H/LG 6.00, Level Lower Ground,

Highlands Hotel,

Pahang 69000

  • Ampang DT

Lot 4258 & 4259,

Jalan Ampang

Kuala Lumpur 50450

  • Petronas Federal Highway DT

Petronas Station Temasya, KM 18.5,

Lebuhraya Persekutuan (Arah KL), Seksyen U1,

Selangor 41050

  • Eco Grandeur DT

No. 31, Ruang Niaga Eco Grandeur,

Persiaran Mokhtar Dahari

Selangor 42300

Starbucks cup sizes

If you struggle with the different cups and their capacities at Starbucks, this brief guide may help clear your confusion. 


Quantity: 3 ounces 

Used for: Espresso shots


Quantity: 8 ounces 

Used for: Hot beverages in a smaller amount.


Quantity: 12 ounces 

Used for: Single shot espresso drinks such as Lattes, Macchiatos, and Mochas. 


Quantity: 16 ounces 

Used for: Hot or cold drinks with two shots of espresso. 


Quantity: 20 ounces for hot drinks and 24 ounces for cold ones. 

Used for: Hot and cold beverages; a hot venti drink contains two shots of espresso, while a cold one contains three. 


Quantity: 31 ounces 

Used for: certain cold beverages only like Cold Brew and Iced Coffee.

Seven unknown facts about Starbucks

  1. Were you familiar with the fact that the Starbucks logo features a Siren? After the founders had decided upon a name, they pored over old marine books in search of a logo. That’s when they came across the two-tailed Siren. Over the years, the logo has been redone quite a few times, yet it continues to remain just as appealing. 
  2. Let’s circle back to the café’s name. It was inspired by the renowned novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Starbucks was the name of the first mate on the ship. 
  3. In 2013 the company purchased its very own coffee farm in Costa Rica! And it makes sense, right? The farm – Hacienda Alsacia – is spread across 240 hectares and doubles as Starbucks’s Research and Development center. You can sign up for a virtual tour! 
  4. Did you know that the coffeehouse has an eight Grammy Awards-winning album to its name? Genius Loves Company was a duet album featuring the famous Ray Charles with guest artists like Willie Nelson, James Taylor, Norah Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Diana Krall, and Elton John.
  5. This one will blow your socks off! Mazagran – a carbonated coffee drink – was launched in 1994 by the one and only Starbucks. While the population was divided over their opinion about the innovative drink, Mazagran led to the North American Coffee Partnership with PepsiCo. As a result, 1996 saw the release of bottled Frappuccino. 
  6. Out of the 33,000 Starbucks stores worldwide, some are unique than the rest. Like the castle in Prague, the bank in Amsterdam, an old car dealership in Seattle, and an all-female store in India. 
  7. The café started jotting down your coffee order on a cup in the mid-90s. Prior to that, it was the position of the cup that informed the barista about how to prepare the drink. For example, an upside-down cup could mean whole milk, while a right-side-up cup could mean nonfat.

Atome x Starbucks 

A daily Starbucks run might put a sizable dent in your savings but worry not because we have the perfect solution at the ready! 

The famous cafe happens to be amongst the many partner brands of Atome, a revolutionary application that makes paying bills less strenuous. 

Atome allows you to shop now and pay later for services and products offered by various local and international brands. When you use it to pay your bills, the total amount is split into three smaller payments, which are then paid at scheduled intervals. The payments are free of interest, just as the application’s service is free of additional changes. 

Before your next coffee run, make sure to download the app (get it here) and sign up to avail yourself of endless perks! You can also download the Atome application from Google Play Store or App Store. 

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Atome users are eligible for tempting discounts and vouchers at different partner brands. On your first Atome purchase, you can benefit from a discount of RM15 upon spending RM50 minimum. 

How to pay for your Starbucks order with Atome? 

This versatile application allows you to pay for online and in-store purchases. 

Here’s a guide to using Atome at Starbucks and other physical store:

  1. Open the Atome application and sign in to your account. 
  2. If you don’t already have one, take a few minutes out to create a new account. 
  3. Scan Atome’s QR code at the billing counter. 
  4. Enter the total amount of your bill. 
  5. Apply available discount codes. 
  6. Review the payment schedule, make the first payment, and enjoy your drink! 
  7. The app will charge the remaining payments to the debit or credit card linked to your Atome account. 


People have grown to love the brand even more with the passing years. Going to Starbucks is not only about getting the caffeine hit; it is a complete experience based on meaningful exchanges! Also, make sure to download Atome for more pocket-friendly coffee runs!

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