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If you are always on the lookout for cool new kicks to add to your collection of sports shoes, then STEALPLUG Malaysia is worth checking out. 

When I say this, I speak for every sports shoe aficionado; it is our dream to have a closet dedicated to endless rows of top-of-the-line sports shoes manufactured by brands like Adidas, Nike, and Puma. Talking about it might get you more than a few odd glances, but it is completely worth it. Some outstanding pairs are meant to be displayed and not worn. 

If there is one brand that not only understands but readily facilitates your passion, it is STEALPLUG. The online store is the hub of limited-edition sports shoes, apparel, accessories, and bags from leading brands. If there is a pair that is out of stock in the market, you will most probably find it here. 

More about the brand 

STEALPLUG was established in 2017 with the objective of making exclusive streetwear merchandise such as sneakers, clothes, and accessories more accessible to people. It serves customers all over the globe out of an online store, while Kuala Lumpur houses the brand’s private showroom. 

STEALPLUG realizes how difficult it can be to source collector’s edition sports shoes and other goods, so it does it for you. Whether your collection is missing a pair of Yeezy or Nike Offwhite, all you need to do is visit STEALPLUG’s website to fill in the gap!

If you have ever been conned in the name of authentic sports shoes, then it is best to ditch other suppliers for STEALPLUG. Every item out of its store is one hundred percent genuine. The website details everything one must know before hitting add to cart. 

Apart from mint-condition sports shoes by Nike, Adidas, and Puma, STEALPLUG also carries

  • Clothing
    • Air Jordan Clothing
    • Bape Clothing
    • Fear Of God
    • Nike Clothing
    • Supreme Clothing
    • Stussy
    • Uniqlo
    • Travis Scott Merch
    • Palace
    • Dsm Collabs
  • Accessories
    • Kaws Figure
    • Supreme Accessories
    • Bearbricks
    • Supreme Caps
  • Bags
    • Bape Bags
    • Ikea x Offwhite Bag
    • Supreme Bags
    • Uniqlo Bags 

Why do some people buy shoes but do not wear them? 

For someone who is not a collector, this question is entirely valid. I used to ponder it often before the sports shoes collection fever overtook me. 

Love for Sneakers

If someone has more pairs of sneakers and not enough space to store them, then it would not be misplaced to label them a Sneakerhead. If you have ever come across one such person who will happily invest in classic and latest sports shoes, then the main reason behind it is their love for said shoes. There are people who cherish each pair like a trophy. You would also find them armed with a surprising amount of information on the subject. If you are ever facing a shoe-related problem having these people around proves to be helpful. 


A lot of people are in the shoe collecting business for the big bucks. They are always on the lookout for every new pair to enter the market, especially if it is a limited edition one. These people immediately hoard the products that are high in demand and then sell them at a greater price. It might not sound like it, but the resale industry is a lucrative one. 

STEALPLUG’s fantastic collection of shoes

The brand carries an amazing variety of sports shoes for men and women


This remarkable pair of shoes was launched in February of 2019, and it belongs to a larger collection that was all about the Super Bowl. The distinctive Green Camo look is definitely going to add a delightful pop to your collection. 


These shoes feature a layer of white leather that is supposed to wear off over time to disclose the Daruma doll underneath. The trademark Nike Swoosh, tongue, and heel are made with tumbled leather. This is a pair that is definitely worth collecting. 


This revolutionary pair of Nike Air Force 1 debuted in 2019 to pay tribute to women all around the world. It boasts a multicolored patchwork in various shades of pastels. Colors like Lavender, Celestial Gold, and Tropical Twist adorn the body of this eye-catching sneaker. 


This classic pair of Converse is a result of the collaboration between Jerry Lorenzo, the creator of Fear of God, and Converse. The shoes feature a black and off-white color-blocking pattern that never fails to captivate the eyes of onlookers. 


The Primeknit surface of these shoes is the highlight, and it comes in a signature yellow-green color. A translucent stripe runs along the side of the shoe all the way to the back, making it appear sleeker. 


This bright blue pair of Vans is exactly what your sports shoe collection needs. Its surface is made of high-quality suede and canvas with a printed logo pattern. The inner lining and insole feature leather, while the outsole is made of vulcanized waffle. 


As luck would have it, STEALPLUG is amongst the 10,000+ brands that are affiliated with Atome. This means that if you order a pair of the latest kicks or a collector’s edition bag from the brand, you can pay for them in three interest-free payments via Atome. So, if the expense of expanding your sneaker collection was bothering you, then stop worrying because Atome has got your back!

All you need to do is download the Atome app (get it here) and create an account on it. The application doesn’t charge any additional fee at any point; you are only required to pay off your bill in three payments. Moreover, new members are eligible for many perks in the form of coupons and whatnot. 

You will be glad to know that associated local, and foreign brands have great deals and discounts for those who pay via this incredible application. Similarly, STEALPLUG offers RM15 off on the first purchase made using Atome, as long as it is worth RM50 or more. Could there be a more budget-friendly way of adding to your collection!

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

How to use Atome

With Atome, you can pay in-store and online, depending on your preferred mode of shopping. When at a store, scan the QR code but if you’re shopping online, then follow these steps:

  1. Add the desired items, in this case, your favorite sneakers, to the cart.
  2. Choose Atome to pay for the items.
  3. Sign in to your Atome account.
  4. Enter the total amount of the bill. 
  5. Apply available discount code. 
  6. Pay the initial one-third on the spot, and wait for your package to arrive. 
  7. The remaining two payments will automatically be charged to the linked card on the due date.


The joy of seeing your collection of sports shoes grow is unmatched, so why deny yourself the satisfaction? Believe it or not, STEALPLUG is Malaysia’s leading merchant for collectible streetwear, and visiting its website will surely be worth your time and money. The cherry on top is being able to pay with Atome. What are you waiting for? Get shopping now!

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