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What started as a small skateboarding store 20 years ago has now transformed into a billion-dollar streetwear company! Regardless of their high prices, people are obsessed with their original designs. Supreme is much more than a brand for its fans; It’s the way of staying connected to fashion and the ‘it’ crowd.

Do you wonder why the brand is so popular? Their limited releases create a major hype around their products and make people feel as if they are part of an exclusive club upon purchase. Supreme produces several products, including clothes, accessories, and skateboards and each of them is equally popular among fans.

Supreme Bags at Novelship Online Store

In this article, we will look at Supreme bags that are available at Novelship’s online store.

Supreme Sling Bag (Olive)

This bag has a deep olive color and a zip closure. The brand logo adds to the worth of this sling bag, making it a part of rare collectibles. This versatile bag is light in weight and can be carried to school or college to make a big impression.

Supreme Waist Bag (Red)

This bag from the SS20 collection has plenty of pockets that can be used to store your essentials. It has a small top handle along with a waistband. The vibrant color of this waist bag makes it a style statement, while the pockets add to its practicality and usefulness.

Supreme Shoulder Bag (Gold)

Another bag from the SS20 collection, this small shoulder bag, has a striking gold color. Although the size of this one is small, it has lots of pockets that make it practical and functional. The long handle is adjustable and can be used as per your preference.

Supreme Running Waist bag (Red)

Released in 2019, this lightweight running waist bag is perfect for runners and athletes. You can pop in your bare essentials in the single zipped pocket and never lose a thing when on the running track.

Supreme Waist Bag (Dark Teal)

This bag is from the 2019 fall/ winter collection. Featuring a rich teal hue with vivid contrasting colors, this bag perfectly represents fashionable streetwear.

Supreme Waist Bag (Purple)

This Supreme waist bag is from the fall/ winter 2018 collection. We love the design and color of this fashion accessory.

Novelship Online Store

Novelship online stores are one of Asia’s fastest-growing markets that offer 100% authentic sneakers, apparel, and collectibles from popular brands such as Adidas, Air Jordan, Nike, Fear of God, Bearbrick, Yeezy, Supreme, and many more!

Finding authentic and original branded products can be challenging. Novelship stores aim to bridge this gap and make it easier for customers to stay clear of cheap copies. They believe that everyone should have a fair opportunity to buy and sell 100% original products.

Therefore, Novelship is a fantastic platform where you can buy and sell authentic branded products without worrying about their originality. Each product traded on this platform is carefully scrutinized, verified, and authenticated before transactions.

Since Novelship is a local online store, its prime focus is addressing the needs of Asian consumers. With Novelship stores, you don’t have to worry about lengthy delays in delivery or missing orders. All processes are designed keeping local logistics in mind, so you don’t have to go through cross-border hassles ever again.

Novelship is one of Atome’s partnered Merchant

Novelship is among Atome’s partnered merchants, so you can buy whatever you want from their online store without worrying about paying large amounts altogether. You can divide the total amount of your bill at the Novelship store and pay within three months.

Let’s have a closer look at what Atome is and how their service can make your shopping easier.

What is Atome?

Atome is a payment app (Get the app) where Android and iOS users can experience a whole new way of shopping. Atome is pronounced as “A-to-Me,” and is Asia’s leading buy now pay later brand. Users can set up an account within a few seconds and enjoy the benefits of monthly payments.

Atome has over 5000 partnered merchants as part of its vast network. They allow you access to both online and offline retailers that carry a variety of products, including fashion, lifestyle, beauty, fitness, and homeware. With its headquarters in Singapore, Atome is spread across nine markets in Southeast Asia and Greater China.

You can find out more about their partnered merchants here:

Atome is built on three core principles: Aspiration, access, and advice. The service aims to make high-quality products and services available to its users at an affordable price point. With Atome, you can shop any partnered merchant’s store and make three monthly payments instead of one.

You can pay one-third of your total bill upfront, and the remaining two payments are deferred to the following months. What’s even better is that this service doesn’t have any extra service fees or interest charges.

How to pay for purchases at Novelship Store using Atome

  1. Select Atome as your payment method when you are checking out from the online store.
  2. Add your user credentials and proceed to checkout. If you are new, you will be prompted to create an Atome account which only takes a few seconds.
  3. Pay the first part of the total amount and defer the rest in the following months.


Supreme is more than just a streetwear brand; it’s a lifestyle of the ‘it’ crowd. When you buy something from this brand, you own something that is rare and unique since all their collections are limited. Grab this chance to be a part of the ‘exclusive club’ and make a bold fashion statement with Supreme bag.

You can buy Supreme bags from Novelship’s online store and use Atome’s easy, monthly payment plan for your purchases. Now, you can always stay ahead in the fashion game with Atome!

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