Why Supreme T-shirts are a celebrity favorite!

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Supreme is an extraordinary brand that inspires extreme devotion from its fans. This 26-year old apparel brand started with a skateboards shop and now has 12 stores across the world. You must be wondering how a brand with only 12 stores can be as popular as Supreme is today.

It is because of the throngs of fans and hype beasts that line up outside these 12 stores for many hours at an end for a single chance to get their hands on their latest arrivals. Supreme has managed to amass a large following of fans as their products are the epitome of underground cool.

Supreme products include T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants, shoes, skateboards, and a range of collectibles. Like the rest of their collections, Supreme T-shirts are designed to appeal to the young fans of punk rock, skateboarding, and hip-hop culture.

Famous celebrities like John Mayer, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Kid Cudi have been spotted sporting Supreme T-shirts, shoes, etc. The brand’s popularity among top celebrities and influencers has played a major role in boosting the hype around their products and has also increased their market status and resale value.

Having discussed the popularity of Supreme among celebrities, surely you want to become a member of this exclusive ‘Supreme club’ too! If you want to buy 100% authentic and original Supreme T-shirts and other accessories, then the Novelship store is the right place for you.

Supreme T-shirts at Novelship Online Store

With the current hype around branded products, it’s no surprise that you can find many cheap copies in the market. The problem is identifying the fake ones from the original products, and that’s where Novelship stores come to the rescue.

You can buy and sell 100% authentic Supreme T-shirts with Novelship. Let’s have a look at what they have to offer.

Supreme/ Emilio Pucci box logo tee (White/blue)

This T-shirt is from the spring/ summer collection of 2021. It’s a classic white Supreme shirt with a box logo on top of a blue patterned background.

  1. Supreme X Kaws Chalk logo tee (Light pink)

This cool-toned pink T-shirt is from the spring/ summer collection of 2021. The brand logo on the front is in a contrasting black color, making it look even more striking.

  1. Supreme water pistol tee (Black)

This is another T-shirt from the spring/ summer collection of 2021. We love the edgy print on this one, featuring a girl holding a water gun with the Supreme logo written on it. The contrast between the black T-shirt and the white background on the picture makes it look eye-catching and perfect streetwear apparel.

  1. Supreme chrome tee (Yellow)

This T-shirt is from the fall/ winter collection of 2020. This shirt’s chirpy and bright color reminds one of sandy beaches and cool coconut drinks. The logo has a unique pattern around it in shades of blue. While there’s a small logo on the front, there’s a more vivid and larger one at the back.

  1. Supreme balloons tee (White)

This Supreme shirt is from the fall/ winter collection of 2020. It features a beautiful explosion of colors, where each letter and number resembles the shape of a balloon. You can see the script “Supreme Est 1994” written in bold on the front of the T-shirt.

More about Novelship Store

Novelship is a leading marketplace where you can find 100% authentic sneakers, apparel, and collectibles from some of your favorite brands, including Nike, Supreme, Fear of God, Yeezy, etc. Novelship offers users a safe platform where they can buy and sell branded products without the risk of fake copies.

Furthermore, as Novelship is a local store, its main focus is on effective logistics so that buyers can save themselves from long waiting and missing parcels. So, if you are tired of the hassles of cross-border shopping and delivery services, Novelship is a great alternative where you can shop from all your favorite brands under one roof.

Novelship is Atome’s Partnered Merchant

Atome is an app that allows users to pay for their purchases in three monthly payments instead of an upfront payment. Since Novelship is Atome’s partnered merchant, it means you can shop with ease from their online store and use this payment app to split your bill into three parts that you can pay within 3 months.

Let’s have a closer look at Atome and its services.

About Atome

Atome is a payment app (Get the app) that redefines your shopping experience. Atome is pronounced as “A-to-Me,” It is a leading buy now pay later brand across Asia. Both Android and iOS users can register on this app in a matter of seconds and enjoy the perks of monthly payments.

Atome has a network of over 5000 merchants which means your options for high-quality products and services is limitless! Whether you are looking for lifestyle products, or others relating to fashion, fitness, beauty, and homeware, Atome’s partnered merchants have it all.

You can look for your favorite store on Atome’s website: https://www.atome.my/

How to pay at Novelship Store using Atome

  1. Choose Atome as your payment method when you’re checking out at Novelship’s online store.
  2. Add your user details and proceed to checkout.
  3. Pay the first part of your bill at checkout, and the remaining amount can be paid in the following two months.


Supreme is an exclusive brand that you wouldn’t want to miss! And with Novelship’s guarantee of 100% authentic products, you don’t have to worry about buying fake copies anymore. Buy your favorite products from their online store and pay using Atome so you can enjoy quality products with the ease of monthly payments.

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