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These days, almost every Malaysian has a car, and the majority of them will check on the indicators and gas, but the state of the vehicle tyres is mostly overlooked. As the Malaysian weather is unpredictable, therefore, tyres can play a huge role in transporting people safely between destinations, and they must be able to withstand the local terrain setting. When we talk about the tyre brand Malaysia, there are various reliable, performance-driven brands that one can choose from. The customer often wonders what’s the tyre shop near me? And how to choose them?

In order to have basic maintenance, Malaysian car owners need to get their vehicles looked at by the mechanic. LimTayarisOnline is one of the most popular e-commerce marketplaces in Malaysia, where it gets easy for car owners to purchase any products and services at their convenience. Therefore, if they are planning to buy a performance tyre Malaysia, then Limtayarisonline is a place for them to go, as it has partnered with different companies to offer promotions on its new high-quality tyres.

How do you choose a tyre at Limtayarisonline?

Safety and comfort are known to be the most important aspects for the drivers when they choose a tyre. A safe tyre should have complete control over aquaplaning and wet braking. This is important because, in wet conditions, we need to have tyres that work and give the best performance. The following are the tips for choosing the right tyre for your vehicle.

  • The tyre material

The pattern and compound mainly contain the safety features of any tire. The design of the chosen tyre brand Malaysia at Limtayarisonline should be able to remove water for maintaining road contact quickly. This way, you can have a good grip. According to Malaysian weather, the asymmetric tread pattern is considered the most recommended one because it offers traction performance on all surfaces.

  • Tread width

When buying a tyre brand Malaysia, it is important to make sure that the tread width is according to your vehicle. If you pair a wider tyre with a small car, it may cause a noisy ride as well as high fuel consumption. On the other hand, if you are using slimmer treads on a heavy vehicle, it can wear down the tires very quickly and affect their durability.

  • The size of the wheel

When it comes to fitting in, the size of your tyre brand Malaysia matters a lot. If you are using the right tire size, it will optimize your vehicle’s performance. In order to find the right size, it is better to have knowledge of the abbreviation printed on the tyre. It would be best if you also looked at the tyre price Malaysia, as it is better to buy the one that is within your budget. In order to make the best choice regarding the wheel size, it is recommended to check the owner’s manual.

  • Bridgestone tyre Malaysia

This is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world and offers some of the best dry grip tyres, and despite having a little higher tyre price Malaysia, they are widely available on online retailers, including Limtayarisonline. In addition to specialization, Bridgestone is also popular for its top-quality wet grip tyres for rainy weather, which leads to some great results for Malaysian drivers.

  • Michelin tyre Malaysia

When we talk about sales, Michelin is a competitor to Bridgestone and Goodyear, yet it holds a spot among the best tyre suppliers. The Michelin tyre Malaysia is available worldwide and is also a little on the higher side when we talk about the Michelin tyre price Malaysia.

Although there are some economic brands offered by Michelin, which includes Riken and Goodrich, which have economical Michelin tyre price Malaysia. Its tyres provide excellent handling, and the drivers always have a positive view about its outstanding performance, for both the wet and the dry grip.

  • Continental tyre Malaysia

Continental is a German brand that contains an outstanding reputation in Europe. When we talk about the tyre price Malaysia, its tyres are not that expensive but provide a great dry and wet grip. Some of its tyres, like ContiForceContact, are consistently liked by the drivers and are easily available at Limtayarisonline.

The tyre models offered by Continental are varied and budget-friendly, yet they are extremely comfortable. Other than that, the continental tyre Malaysia contains tyres specially made for luxury brand vehicles, including the famous German brands like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi.

Having competitive tyres prices at Limtayarisonline by using Atome

There is no doubt that the Malaysian tyre market is growing at a robust rate because of the increasing demand for SUVs and personal sedans and also because of the rising living standards of the people. LimTayarisOnline is a one-stop service center for cars that offers a wide range of vehicle products and services. As it is an e-commerce site, therefore, it helps to remove any pressure from the customers to visit the service center. Those who want to buy the best tyre brand Malaysia choose Limtayarisonline, as they get assistance in selecting the right brand like Michelin tyre Malaysia, Continental tyre Malaysia and performance tyre Malaysia offered by several brands with a reasonable price for a great experience of driving.

In order to give you the best tyre brand Malaysia buying experience, LimTayarisOnline has partnered with Atome, which has become the top buy now pay later platform in Malaysia. It is headquartered in Singapore, and besides Limtayarisonline, Atome has partnered with over 5,000 merchants in 8 different markets. The Atome users can have a choice of flexible payments for a number of products and services.

With this app, the shoppers have the advantage of splitting the purchases into three equal interest-free monthly payments by scanning the in-store QR code, or website check out. When the payments are separated, the Atome users can have better management of their finances and have reachable quality products and services (get the app).

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