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Sleeping bags have always been important, especially for travelers or mountaineers, as they offer home comfort in the cold outdoors. Camping has become more a sport than a necessity in recent times, and this is why a sleeping bag has always been a priority for camping enthusiasts. Although there is a wide range of sleeping bags in Malaysia and all over the world, in recent years, Core Outdoor has become one of the top retailers for sleeping bags.

CORE Outdoor and Tactical is has become very popular in Malaysia, as it is a group of people having a limitless passion and youthful energy to provide the best services to the customers. They come with more than 30 years of experience in traveling and hiking. There are a number of products offered by CORE Outdoor and Tactical, which include knives, lights, multi-tools, cutlery, sleeping bags, and everything else that may be needed for the perfect adventure.

What should you look for when buying a sleeping bag from CORE Outdoor and Tactical?

  • Comfort

The thickness of the sleeping bag that you buy completely depends on the circumstances that it is required for, and this is where a specific brand for your trip comes in. Whether it is a sleeping bag by Marchever or a Decathlon sleeping bag, you can choose the best quality that is filled with the down material, as it creates warmth and comfort for you when it is a little cold.

  • Size and weight

When buying a sleeping bag from CORE Outdoor and Tactical, you need to be completely aware of its weight and size when rolled up and laid flat. Normally a lightweight sleeping bag is around 2lbs in weight, whereas the extra attachment weighs nearly 1lb. The size completely depends on the type you choose, including a single, double, or kid’s option.

  • Extra pockets

The best quality sleeping bag Malaysia comes with hidden pockets a good added extra in it. An additional pocket can be very useful for storing any of the small items, which includes your cash or cell phone, and this way, you are able to keep everything closer to yourself.

  • Warm or cool

The type of sleeping bag that you will need depends on where you will be going. A warm and lightweight sleeping bag from CORE Outdoor and Tactical will be the best for any colder conditions, whereas summer sleeping will be the best for any summer camping trip. Therefore, if you are planning to go out for a longer trip, a cold sleeping bag option will be the perfect one to serve you.

  • The right fit

When your sleeping bag Malaysia is of the right fit, you get comfortable, and it doesn’t compress your bag’s insulation. It is necessary for a sleeping bag to loft up in order to insulate effectively. It is worth mentioning that if the bag is too tight for you, then there are chances that the insulation will get compressed, and cold spots get created. Therefore, when buying a sleeping bag from CORE Outdoor and Tactical, you should choose the fit wisely.

Types of sleeping bag available at CORE Outdoor and Tactical

Although you will find hundreds of different types of sleeping bags at CORE Outdoor and Tactical, which type you prefer depends on your needs.

  • Camping sleeping bags

A camping sleeping bag is normally thicker when it is about comfort. Therefore, such a type of sleeping bag can give you a very comfortable experience when you are sleeping in a tent. Such a sleeping bag can be from any top brand, including the Decathlon sleeping bag.

  • Hiking sleeping bags

A hiking sleeping bag is the one that is lightweight down sleeping bag and is capable of rolling up in an easy manner. You need to keep in mind that such type of a bag can easily be attached to your hiking backpack, and therefore, it is normally thinner.

  • Backpack sleeping bags

Any backpacker who goes to travel doesn’t require any extra bulk to the kit when traveling. Therefore, a backpacking sleeping bag option can be the best in such a situation as it is very light in weight. This particular type of sleeping bag Malaysia can be rolled up and attached to the backpack.

  • Double sleeping bags

It can surely be a little tough to find a double sleeping bag in the market as it can be a little bulky to travel, and as the name suggests, a double sleeping bag is for two people. The good news is that now you can buy a double sleeping bag at CORE Outdoor and Tactical that is both compact and luxurious. It is warm and of high quality and can offer a snuggly feeling when you want to relax.

Use Atome to camp in Malaysia with the best sleeping bag at CORE Outdoor and Tactical

When buying a sleeping bag, it’s not only your comfort that is at stake, but your recovery after a long day also depends on its quality. A good night’s sleep is crucial to make sure that you have energy for another day of trekking; this is the reason why CORE Outdoor and Tactical offers some of the best sleeping bags from the top brands like BSWolf, GTE, and Decathlon sleeping bags.

CORE Outdoor and Tactical is fully aware that your sleeping bag Malaysia has to be packed for the outdoor trips, and it also keeps in mind the high and low temperatures that the camper has to experience. Other than that, its adventure services have years of experience and are committed to providing the best service (know more).

For camping enthusiasts, CORE Outdoor and Tactical has partnered with Atome to offer a choice of flexible payment options for all the products and services. Atome is a buy now pay later service that is headquartered in Singapore and is available in 8 markets. This app allows the shoppers to split the purchases into three equal interest-free monthly payments by scanning a QR code or checking out of the website (get the app).

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