Have You Ever Had A Tattoo? If Not, Get One from Ed Hardy Malaysia!

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In movies, TV series, and other videos floating around on the internet, you might have come across people with painted bodies – only, their bodies aren’t painted: they are tattooed! From simple tattoos to meaningful tattoo designs, some people simply dote on the idea of having a tattoo somewhere on their bodies!

Are you ready to add vibrance to your body through a tattooed shirt? We suggest you head over straight to the Ed Hardy Malaysia outlet and discover how things are done in the ‘Ed Hardy Art Style.’ From Japanese tattoos and small tattoos to Jungkook tattoos, Ed Hardy won’t disappoint!

What is a tattoo?

According to Wikipedia, a tattoo is a type of body modification that can be done by adding tattoo dye, ink, or pigments directly into the dermis layer of the skin to result in a tattoo design. A myriad of tattooing processes and techniques can be utilized to fashion diverse tattoo designs depending on the person’s personal preference. From hand-tapped conventional tattoo techniques to newer machine-specific techniques, tattoo-making has clearly evolved over the years.

We can trace back the history of tattoos to the Neolithic times. Today, diverse tattoo styles and designs are flaunted by individuals of distinguished cultures all around the globe. More so, the symbolism and the effect that these tattoos are meant to carry vastly differ for people of different cultures, religions, ethnicities, and races.

Trending tattoo designs and the meaning behind

From subtle small tattoos to bigger statement tattoos, tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Surprisingly, each tattoo design conveys or tries to communicate something.

Let’s look at some of the trending tattoo designs and the message they convey.

  1. Semicolon tattoo

In the list of hot, popular, and meaningful tattoos, the semicolon tattoo certainly has the lead. The semicolon tattoo depicts mental health issues (mostly linked to suicide survival). If you see someone with a semicolon tattoo, it means that that person has gone through their fair share of trauma, enough to make them kill themselves – but they didn’t.

  1. Ampersand tattoo

The ampersand tattoo paints a vivid picture of togetherness and connection. Two people usually get an ampersand tattoo at the same time if they share a deep bond with each other. Another meaning of the ampersand tattoo is that there’s always more to the story that we’re letting on. The ampersand tattoo may seem like a simple tattoo, but it tells a very touching touch.

  1. Anchor tattoo

The anchor tattoo illustrates stability and peace. People may associate this simple tattoo design with sailors, but it goes way beyond that!

  1. Butterfly tattoo

A butterfly tattoo mirrors transformation. Since a butterfly goes through a ravishing transformation itself (from a caterpillar to a butterfly), this tattoo portrays the gorgeousness of transformation.

  1. Jungkook tattoo

You’ll see a boatload of BTS fans painted in Jungkook tattoos. And this is what it delineates – sheer love and devotion to the Japanese boy band!

  1. Japanese tattoos

Mostly, Japanese tattoos convey societal status. Unlike a multitude of modern tattoos, Japanese tattoos are sometimes used a charm for protection. Japanese tattoos also serve as spiritual symbols and symbolize utmost devotion.

Ed Hardy Malaysia–the master of tattoo design

If you’ve decided that you’re going to get the best tattoo for yourself through your clothes, we advise you to head over to the Ed Hardy Malaysia outlet. Being colossally proud of its Ed Hardy art style, the organization revels in its exquisite range of tattoo designs paraded by Ed Hardy shirts (head over to their website to look at Ed Hardy shirt prices).

The story of the American Art Legend

The mastermind behind the tattoo company, Don Ed Hardy, opened the realms of tattoo artistry and exposed them to the glitzy fashion world. Soon, Ed Hardy garnered recognition for integrating Japanese art with the dazzling American art style.

Later in 2002, Ed Hardy stepped foot into the clothing business, and he really meant BUSINESS. Within two short years, Ed Hardy shirts and other clothing products bombed the fashion world, gathering astronomical levels of fame – Ed Hardy soon became the most desired and popular brand of its time.

Today, you can see Ed Hardy’s art style in Ed Hardy shirts, women’s apparel, and even accessories!

Ed Hardy shirts worth looking at

Ed Hardy shirts certainly carry style; it’s time we have a look at some of these tattoo-inspired shirts!

Ed Hardy L.A Skull Tee

An exquisite tee with LA skull graphics (with rhinestone) in the front complemented by crystal-white rhinestone embroidered Ed Hardy logo at the back.

Ed Hardy Signature Tee

A beautiful tee with 3D effect rhinestone embroidered ed hardy logo in the front complemented by ed hardy classic tiger with logo in foil print.

Ed Hardy Tiger King Regular Tee

A short sleeves regular tee with an embellished ‘Tiger King’ brand graphic.

Ed Hardy Fire Cat Regular Tee

A short sleeves regular tee decorated by a ‘Fire Cat’ brand graphic.

Ed Hardy X Atome – Payments made easier!

Did you know that Ed Hardy is a proud merchant of Atome? Well, now you do! This means you can get your haul of Ed Hardy shirts and shop until you drop because, with Atome, upfront payments won’t be trouble!

What is Atome?

Atome is a BNPL application that is headquartered in Singapore. In addition to Ed Hardy, Atome partners with 15,000+ other merchants (with the number growing every single day). Atome lets you purchase from its merchants immediately, dividing your bills into three interest-free monthly installments. What’s more, no hidden fees or interest charges accompany these installments – it is absolutely free to use!

Atome successfully operates in 10 regions across the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Mainland China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

Sounds too good to be true? Get the app now and worry about your shopping bills later!

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Learn how Atome works!

Pay for your Ed Hardy purchases through Atome

Once you’ve added the Ed Hardy products that you want, you can use the Atome app as your mode of payment.

  • When checking out from Ed Hardy’s website, select Atome as your payment option.
  • You’ll be redirected to the Atome app – this is your cue to enter your login details or create a new account if you don’t already have an Atome account.
  • Pay only a third of your total bill from Ed Hardy Malaysia. The rest will be paid in installments, which are a month apart.

Summing it up…

The modern tattoo designs showcased by Ed Hardy shirts and other accessories are a sight for sore eyes – that’s established! With the whole world raving on about how cool Ed Hardy shirts are, it’s only logical that you get one yourself and boast your unique sense of fashion – it’s what’s hip!

Synchronize yourself with the fashion world with Ed Hardy – soul and body! And while you’re at it, choose Atome when shopping from Ed Hardy and give your bank account a much-needed break!

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