LOVE18C Creator Li Jiahe: Sweet Is Based on Bitterness

Chocolate deserves to be a food group on its own, period. The feeling of all that goodness melting on your tongue will forever be unmatched; no edible will ever come close. Chocolate even suits every mood; it fixes a lousy mood, restores energy, and is the perfect companion when elated. This sweet is an irreplaceable ...

by jiatongma
12 months ago

Iconic egg tarts and calories

Hands down, egg tarts are one of the best pastries out there. It comprises a soft, creamy center filling with an outer crunchy crust. Apart from its mouth-watering flavors and heritage, it’s also a good thing to add to your diet. Egg tart calories are good for growing adults.  Let’s talk about the ingredients involved in ...

by Starry
2 years ago