5 ways to style your vintage outfits

Fashion trends come and go throughout the years, but vintage fashion never really goes out of style. Truly, vintage outfits are still going strong, especially among celebrities. In fact, recently, it was almost like the entire internet was absolutely obsessed with the current ‘it girl’ Sofia Richie’s vintage fits- especially the captivating vintage custom fitted ...

by mylovesiren1
3 months ago

Isetan Online | Let’s explore the exciting world of Isetan!

Isetan is a Japanese department store based in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Isetan merged with Mitsukoshi in 2008, forming a joint holding company, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. The company is spread over different markets, including Japan, Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Selangor, Jinan, Singapore, and Tianjin. The company started with a small kimono shop in 1886 with Tanji ...

by Starry
2 years ago